The commander's washing machine in August rose against the trend by 48%

At the end of August, Zhongyikang released the latest market data of the washing machine industry. The data shows that as of the 33rd week, the entire washing machine industry has accumulated a year-on-year increase of -0.81%. In the context of the overall growth rate of the washing machine industry, thanks to the deepening of channel expansion, Focus on product iteration, focus on user interaction, the overall performance of the washing machine in August rose by 48%.

Actively expand channels, performance depends on interaction

I walked into a commander's shop in Yuelu District, Changsha City, Hunan Province, and found that the products were displayed in a scene. The presentations of the paper cup, the Lectra, and the windbreaker were all presented, and the video of the demonstration was also played in the store. The induction wash function has changed from text to sensible experience. 'Before the store puts cards to introduce products, now there are demos and videos, customers will understand these functions at once. 'The manager of Changsha Center said the previous products. The display is an old routine. The product features require the user to read the text on the card. Now they can introduce the user to the presentation, and their understanding and recognition become very high.

It is understood that in Changsha alone, the number of commanders has increased by 50%, and sales have doubled. This growth has been replicated nationwide. The major stores across the country have built the induction wash demonstration area and played it in a loop. Washing the windbreaker, washing the lipstick demonstration video, quickly interacting with the user, realizing the terminal drainage to increase the order quantity, and the commander washing machine care clothing has become the choice of more and more new people's clothing.

Focus on product quality, fully meet user needs

As a young home appliance brand, the commander of the washing machine set up an interactive team to explore the pain points of young users in the care of clothing. Leader Weizhen washing machine is innovative for the needs of the new people. It is equipped with a power of 756 million power washing And 26 special stain washing procedures, through the repeated experiments on different stains and different types of clothing, the laundry washing ratio is increased by 10%. In addition, the barrel is equipped with an inductive probe, which can adjust the program according to the washing situation in real time to achieve real Smart care.

The video demonstrated in the major centers of the country is the visual display of the sensor cleaning technology of the Leader Weizhen washing machine. In comparison with other brands of washing machines, it can be seen that the Leader Weizhen washing machine penetrates the fiber by washing the handkerchief into the fiber, really In addition, the Leader Weizhen washing machine can also wash special fabrics. In the windbreaker video, there is no damage to the waterproof performance of the windbreaker. It can be seen that the Leader Weizhen washing machine passes different The washing program provides the user with the best laundry solution for different clothing.

Conducting user interaction, gaining good reputation

In order to let more users understand the performance of the commander's washing machine, Leader Weizhen washing machine windshield video has achieved the landing of the major central terminals in the country, and realized the further surrender with the user. The commander Hefei Center walked into the community and let the user experience the sensor. Wash and freely wash and wash the inner tub to understand the product function more intuitively. In addition, the commander washing machine will turn the video demonstration into water in the store in other cities, and carry out waterway renovation to carry out free washing. 20,000 Maker, employee transformation service avatar laundry, Provide users with 24/7 experiential services and enhance user reputation through deep interaction.

At the moment when the washing machine industry shows a downward trend, home appliance brands have focused on technological innovation and product structure upgrades. The commander's washing machine has achieved an upward trend in August under the Haier's “one person in one” mode, reflecting the consumer groups in the home appliance market. Young and fashionable, it also provides a case for the industry to find the next new growth point.