Can not take a bath without pulling the plug, Wanjiale S6 water heater evaluation

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the safety awareness of using household appliances is also increasing. The safety of electric water heaters is one of the focuses of people's attention.

Although the electric water heaters on the market have safety protection devices, the user's inadvertent habits, wet hands to pull the power plug, or the line aging, etc., hide hidden dangers. In addition to passive protection, can the electric water heater take the initiative to attack? Is there a 'No electricity' electric water heater, completely solve our bathing concerns?

Have you watched the video? There is really an electric water heater that can be used without electric bath!

'No electric washing' Black technology - Where did the electricity go?

In terms of safety, this electric water heater's original active safety protection will automatically turn off the power when the user uses water. At this time, you will hear a '嗒'! The machine automatically turns off the main power, and the user enjoys a safe bath. When stopping the water After 5 minutes, the machine will automatically resume power supply, providing a lasting water environment.

Wanjiale's original black technology S6 'no electric washing' electric water heater, the water machine is no electricity, the water is automatically re-powered, what is the principle?

The 'no electric washing' technology is mainly composed of three core units: one pass, two breaks, three restarts. When the water flow is sensed, the power off signal is transmitted at a very high speed, and the new leakage protection cuts off the power supply in 0.3 seconds to realize the whole machine. No electricity, when the water flow signal disappears for five minutes, the electric water heater automatically restores the power supply.

This water heater is such a smart and intelligent operation to create a safer water environment.

Practical electric experience - the ultimate power outage!

In the actual test, it can be found that when the water is turned on, the water heater will quickly issue a command to cut off the current. The plug records the power consumption meter display, the power is more than 3,000 watts when the water heater is turned on, and only about 2.4 watts after the cut-off, completely in the human body safety range. (Because the water cutoff position is on the leakage protection switch, the whole machine is powered off, but the leakage protection has standby power, so 2.4W is measured as the standby power of the leakage protection)

Many consumers are always worried about the safety of electricity, and they will love and hate electric water heaters. The Wanjiale S6 electric washing water heater completely overturns our understanding of electric water heaters! 'No electric washing' patented technology, becoming 'passive Protection 'for 'active power off', eliminating the user's bathing concerns from the root cause, bringing a comfortable and safe bathing experience.

Full-featured intelligence - meeting the needs of personalized bathing

The experience of the Wanjiale S6 'No Electric Wash' volume is 60 liters, while the S6 'No Electric Wash' series products are available in 50 liters and 80 liters to meet your needs for bathing.

The machine also has a smart APP to reserve hot water function, start the water heater anytime and anywhere, and return to the home to take a hot bath. Hot, energy saving, morning bath, night bath, morning bath + night bath, five working modes, adapt The needs of different groups of people.

APP remote operation - comfortable and energy-saving at all times

S6 'No electric washing' Support wifi remote control, mobile phone installation handheld hot water APP, you can start the water heater at home anytime, anywhere, you can enjoy comfortable hot water immediately after returning home. Reasonable appointment setting can also avoid long-term heat preservation of water heater, more Save electricity and save money.

Patented antibacterial technology - bathing water quality and peace of mind

Many users are also concerned about the water quality of the bath. The machine uses silver shield antibacterial liner, electrostatic dry powder enamel layer, strong anti-corrosion will not produce scale, plus antibacterial nano silver coating, inhibiting 99% of water bacteria.

Sixfold security protection - security experience and upgrade

In addition, the machine also has intelligent 6-fold protection: automatic pressure relief when the pressure of the inner tank is too high, the water temperature automatically exceeds 90 degrees to automatically cut off the power supply, the inner tank is dry without water, the power is cut off immediately, the one-way check valve prevents the water from flowing backward, and the IPX4 is waterproof and fast. Bathing, antifreeze protection, to ensure the safety of electric water heaters under special circumstances, to protect users from various aspects.

Stylish appearance - smart experience and comfort

In addition to the very interesting features, the 'face value' of this Wanjiale S6 'No Electric Wash' electric water heater is also very good. 'Arc Fluid Safety View' shape, the overall shape of the line is smooth and smooth, bringing a natural sense of security. Waterproof black crystal touch screen display, wet hands can also operate safely, water temperature and water volume at a glance.

Every time the electric water heater is heated, do you still need to pull the plug? Is there any safety worry about using the electric water heater to bathe? Does such a water heater with a strong value have your heart? Experience the Wanjia S6 electric washing water heater, no Worried, bathe in peace of mind!