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Shinvi September, the order belongs to ploughing. Blink of an eye again to the beginning of the season, in the new semester we certainly hope to have a better state of learning and life, so, for their own to start several of the equipment is still necessary to call the hand.

On this autumn, Suning easy to buy computer super-product day with super-value hot Office products come to ' explode ' to, not only the million-God voucher limit to rob, but also to win the gift of lottery. Take advantage of this opportunity, small make up to you recommend several can improve our quality of life Office products, a look at it!

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HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2678 HP 2678 is a mobile phone or pad can be printed directly on the color inkjet mobile printer, wireless network connection mobile phone, pad can get rid of data lines and network cable constraints, direct printing, simple operation.

And it has a full-affinity design, the overall use of white color, can be integrated into most of the decoration style, fashionable and beautiful. The compact size of the HP 2678 is only 425x304x149mm, and it does not occupy much space in the corner. Although it is petite, the function of a lot, it also has a print, copy, scan in one, a machine can meet all the needs.

It is energy-saving, suitable for economical ink cartridges, reduce printing costs, play more to save more. In addition, it is a smart companion. HP 2678 printers can be printed, copied, scanned and scanned directly into mobile phones and emails via HP Mobile print app;

can also better manage the print task, real-time understanding of the residual printing supplies, convenient. At present, this delicate and compact color printer shopping straight down 100, the price of 449 yuan.

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Polar Rice H1s Sports Edition As an upgrade product, the pole meter h1s in brightness compared to H1 22%, to 1100ANSI lumens. The sound quality, in cooperation with Harman, continues with the H1 's 45mm speaker unit and bass passive diaphragm, further improving the sound quality.

The new wifi-Bluetooth sound mode allows the user to switch functions freely, the user no longer need to set the sound mode via the remote control. Lens, h1s new automatic focus function, support power-on autofocus and one-button autofocus, remote control can also be one-button autofocus, eliminating the tedious process of user manual focus.

Projection area, H1s projection ratio of 1.2:1, while increasing the upper and lower left and right trapezoid correction angle, up and down the trapezoid correction angle of 45 degrees plus or minus. It is worth mentioning that the unique dual-fan design to improve the heat dissipation efficiency, can effectively reduce the noise of non-screen TV operation; The H1s also uses 2.4g/5g's dual-band WiFi to provide greater bandwidth and increased data throughput.

In addition, H1s also added a double-sided UV coated glass lens for the lens group, which can better protect the lens from being scratched and spent. At present, the extremely meter h1s straight down 1500 yuan, the price only needs 2999 yuan, bought in the dormitory to see the movie what really skr very cool thing!

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Tp-link (Puling) tl-wr886n TL-WR886N uses a high-spec 3 data stream concurrency, 3*3mimo architecture, 3 data flows over 3 antennas at the same time to send and receive, can greatly improve wireless performance, while improving signal strength, increase coverage, enhance connection stability.

The wireless transmission rate is up to 450Mbps. In the shape design, the tl-wr886n uses the mirror polishing treatment, with nearly hand-carved etching method to carve the circulating spot. The interior is like a finely polished ornament that adds a bit of color to a monotonous dorm room.

In addition to the classic treasure blue, tl-wr886n also have light blue for everyone to choose. Tl-link wr886n can also be based on the needs of different users online, reasonable allocation of each computer's Internet bandwidth, to avoid individual users using BT, Thunder and other peer software over-preemption bandwidth resources, affecting other users of normal network use (playing games also require roommates do not download movies or learning materials?)

. At present, this exquisite and beautiful and powerful router only sell 99 yuan, with it no longer afraid of the network slow!

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Summarize The above introduction of several products, are the same price in the best, with them, our quality of life was pulled higher. Now is the beginning of the season, suning Tesco in the promotion activities, so small partners do not miss this opportunity, oh, we can buy these good things at a more favorable price.