Reading: Lexmark print and digital signage solutions lead the new retail print | Lexmark print and digital signage solutions lead the new retail print

Recently, Lexmark, the global leader in imaging solutions, has introduced a new version of Lexmark printing and digital signage solutions. This is a unique and powerful solution that automatically stores store signage and labeling processes, making it easy for retailers to print and publish. Quality, on-demand logos, labels and notes to enable shop assistants to interact with customers. The latest version of Lexmark printing and digital signage solutions has enhanced mobile capabilities that allow store employees to create signage without leaving the sales area, so customers Can pay more attention to the decision to buy goods.

Lexmark print and digital signage solutions for Walmart applications

'As the store struggles with price changes, price integrity, template management and waste, creating compelling and accurate in-store signage for global retailers is a challenge, we have developed Lexmark print and digital signage solutions to achieve in-store The automation of the signage process helps retailers quickly and easily develop image and accurate branding signs, allowing shop employees to enter the sales location with customers. 'John Linton, director of retail industry solutions at Lexmark.

Increasing mobility in the automated store signage process means employees can focus more on their customers. Lexmark Print & Digital Signage Solutions is a proven business solution for printing and publishing shelf borders used in retail stores, labels And the note. Lexmark's platform evolved from AccessVia software, which uses a system to print paper signs from laser printers in the store, mass output at the center, and print electronic shelf labels for the brand Consistent across all logos and reduce IT costs.

Lexmark print and digital signage solutions in Auchan supermarket applications

Lexmark printing and digital signage solutions have the following advantages:

• Mobility: The mobile app allows employees to create, review and print signs as needed when needed – from the sales area rather than the back office.

• Automation: Automate the generation of graphically rich signage with Lexmark color/spot color hardware, ensuring that customers' brands and information are fully reflected in every process. Rule-based formats, dynamic graphics and multiple groupings simplify complex symbol generation .

• Scalability: Signage solutions can scale to meet the needs of the world's largest retailers, where the productivity of thousands of stores has multiplied.

• Accuracy: Lexmark software helps ensure the price integrity of printing from the host pricing system to shelves and registers.

• Localization: Signage can be localized according to store-specific pricing, quantity and format, and output in the correct shelf order.

'Lexmark solutions are used in more than 70,000 retail stores around the world, giving us unique insights into the challenges retailers face. Our print and digital signage solutions are now gaining performance through mobile capabilities. Another way to increase customer service and increase profits for retailers. ' Aller Waugerman, senior vice president and chief technology officer of Lexmark, said.