Secondly, optimize the income structure of medical personnel, improve the income of medical Technology Service project ' gold content ', let the value of technology return to doctors themselves, and

Medical Network September 14 news media reports, a pair known as a biomechanical correction function of the custom insole, in Nanjing, a public hospital actually sold more than 2,600 yuan. Reporter investigation found that the insole manufacturers only in more than 200 yuan a pair of insole ' blank ' on a slightly processing, you can get more than 2000 yuan gross profit, hospital health care staff each sell a pair can take 200 yuan commission.
It is reported that the relevant departments of the hospital has been suspended, according to the investigation of further processing, and stop using, procurement of the orthopedic insoles. Netizens believe that Drug The phenomenon of consumables rebate is widespread in the medical and health industry. The advent of sky-studded insoles is Medicine A new variant of the rebate.
Must further strengthen the remediation efforts, cut off the relevant benefits chain, thoroughly remove drugs and supplies rebate chronic disease. There are netizens said that doctors and patients in the information asymmetry in the status of patients with the initiative to use pharmaceutical supplies fully in the doctor's side.
In order for doctors to use more of their drug supplies, medical representatives often give doctors a certain percentage of rebates. Netizens ' Zhang Li ' believe that the price of the premium insole, which is driven by the rebate profit, not only increases the financial burden of the patients, but also distorts the practitioner's behavior. At the same time, rebates on drug supplies can also lead to drug production Enterprise
Vicious competition between the serious disruption of pharmaceutical production, circulation industry, the normal order. "Drug supplies rebate is the high price of drugs behind the hands, so that consumers spend money, must strengthen the supervision of drug circulation."
' Netizen ' Lu teacher thinks, the operator to the medical staff rebate, also belongs to the commercial bribery, the Territorial Supervision Department in addition to investigate the producers, operators, but also to investigate evidence, so that bribery and bribery of medical personnel to be punished accordingly. Netizens ' city ' proposal, to solve the rebate problem, first of all to establish a unified pharmaceutical supplies joint Purchase , unified negotiations, significantly reduce the price of drug supplies, and through the official website and other public publicity, acceptance of social supervision, cut off the current drug supplies by all levels of Medicine representative layer Agent Sub-package, Monopoly-type high rebate of the circulation of interest chain.