Won Niushan contracted 200,000 tons cold storage insulation project

The cold storage insulation project of Bingkang Cold Chain Logistics Center in Xinyi City, Jiangsu Province, is an important part of the Bikang New Pharmaceutical Industry Complex. It is located in the beautiful scenery of Xinyi City, Jiangsu Province. The complex covers an area of ​​nearly 5,000 acres. 3.3 square kilometers), the total construction scale is over 2.3 million square meters. The complex surrounds the theme of 'medical big health', 'personalized service' main line, layout four sectors: intelligent manufacturing, intelligent logistics, smart experience, big data. 3. Medicine, Nursing, Cosmetics, Functional Drink Manufacturing, Internet Ecology and E-Commerce, Modern Cold Chain, Yard and Warehouse Logistics System.

The project will build six large cold chain logistics warehouses, including four civil cold storages and two assembled three-dimensional cold storages. 1#-4# four-story multi-storey civil cold storage, each including 16 -20 °C cold storage rooms, each The two libraries include a library of tuna-55°C tuna, with a total storage capacity of approximately 35,000 tons per container. The main insulation construction has been completed.

5# and 6# two steel structure assembled three-dimensional cold storage, using automatic three-dimensional shelf storage. Each library includes three -18~-25°C cold storage rooms and unloading halls. The two warehouses have a total inventory of 57,344 tons. Currently under construction.

Bingkang Cold Chain Logistics Center cold storage insulation project is mainly composed of extruded board insulation system (ground) and polyurethane sandwich panel insulation system (wall and ceiling). Among them, polyurethane sandwich panels are made of rigid foam polyurethane board as insulation material. Inorganic reinforced composites are used to achieve a composite grade of Combustion A. Inheriting the excellent properties of polyurethane foam, the fire performance is more outstanding and the scope of application is more extensive. At the same time, the rock wool sandwich panel is used in some areas of the project. Membrane, waterproof vapor-proof membrane, TPO waterproof membrane and other use.

The use of these products can effectively extend the service life of the cold storage, ensure the quality of the cold storage, reduce energy loss and waste, and help maximize the energy-saving efficiency of the enterprise, while achieving the goal of saving environmental protection.