Write poetry for you, for you to stand still, XESS floating window full scene TV why the ear creates a smart and comfortable new life

'The sun shines through the glass window, and the birds jump back and forth between the branches. Fantasy waking up in the pure piano music, and you can see the distant blue sky field with an open eye.'

He Sui, an international supermodel, once described her life as she wanted to live. The original glamorous He Sui on the T stage, in life, faces many pressures like ordinary people, and is eager for such a poetic daily life.

Fortunately, XES's high-end brand XESS, which is endorsed by He Sui, has never given up its persistent pursuit of beauty. In the latest He Sui & XESS floating window full scene TV shooting poster and endorsement video, the two jointly explore the future of fashion trends and home life. Calling together the beauty of life, the beauty of science and technology, let us go home and enjoy the beauty of life in the most comfortable position.

TCL creative production

"End of the Egg: He Sui & XESS Beautiful 75 Seconds Full Video"

Four aesthetics, subverting tradition

The lines interact with different angles of the block surface to produce different visual weight distributions and achieve a three-dimensional aesthetic of balanced beauty.

Between classical and modern, exquisite and exotic decorative aesthetics.

The line and color constitute the sense of order and rhythm of the appearance of the product, and the new style aesthetics of balance and harmony in a symmetrical shape.

Throughout the ancient and modern oriental aesthetics, I hope to interpret the modern lifestyle of contemporary people with oriental elements.

No matter what style of decoration, TCL creative XESS floating window full scene TV, like He Sui standing on the runway, the first moment to catch the eye. In addition to satisfying the visual experience of art, More re-creation of life.

Intelligent IoT, future experience

With the promotion of technological innovation, artificial intelligence technology is increasingly being applied to smart home appliances. So XESS floating window full scene TV is by no means a simple home smart center, it manages time through 24 hours of scenes. Let us look forward to the time and future of smart life:

In the morning, a slow light music lingers in your ear, stretched and swayed to see the XESS floating window full scene TV lit up, then your favorite picture, will you smile? When you call it Name, ask how the weather is today? Which way to go will be unimpeded, how long does it take? What is the recipe for noon? Remember to remind you and your family to watch the latest Hollywood blockbusters in the evening... these will respond to them through smart speakers one by one. , sync to your itinerary and remind you in time.

XESS floating window full scene TV is currently working with multiple brands to achieve smart home cooperation, to create a real smart home platform. Go out and forget to turn off the lights, do not pull the curtains before going to bed... do not need to do it yourself, let XESS floating window full scene TV to help you solve, You can easily wake up the artificial intelligence small T to achieve control of other smart devices. Enjoy the beauty of life with your family in the most comfortable position.

All kinds of home scenes that have appeared in the imagination are now coming into life one by one. XESS floating window full scene TV makes TV become a living art, connecting the emotional resonance between family members, and separating from the functional products of single attribute, becoming the warmth of life. accompany.

Today, when digital and garbled are connected in series, the lack of emotion between human beings is getting more serious. They clearly sit next to each other but forget each other. The appearance of XESS floating window full scene TV makes time return, let the space connect. It and you, you Enjoy the time with each other and start a good life with me.

"Click to view He Sui & XESS beautiful 75 second full video"

TCL creative production

As in the video, when the light hits the beautiful face of He Sui, along with the spatio-temporal picture of the jump, the pure white sculpture building seems to tell the solidification of time, and between the flow of the lens, it is all about art and beauty. Projection.

At that moment, the one that caught her eye was - XESS floating window full scene TV.

At present, He Sui endorsement XESS floating window full scene TV is now officially on sale in Jingdong, Tmall, Suning, Gome and other online and offline malls! Four aesthetic styles, open a good life. Hurry to Jingdong, Tmall, Suning, Gome Wait for the online and offline mall to choose your love!

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