Prosecutors can impose a $10,000 fine on every illegal business case (per user), taking into account the massive users of Google's products, and Google may face exorbitant fines for monitoring users

Earlier this year, Facebook was caught in an uproar over a scandal that violated user privacy. Then the past to ' not evil ' as the corporate creed of Google also appeared to infringe on user privacy.

Not long ago, the Associated Press reported that Google's Android system continued to monitor and capture user location information in the event that the user chose to close. According to the latest news from foreign media, Google's actions have led to a formal investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice.

In August, the authoritative AP reported that Google continued to collect location data, even though the user had closed the ' location history ' (i.e. letting the app stop collecting location information) in Google's Android system and multiple Internet products. Google confirmed the AP's report in its official response. To avoid the paradox, Google has made changes to the official website. Google's scandal also sparked public outcry, with consumers questioning its security.

According to the Washington Post website, the U.S. Arizona, State prosecutors have launched a survey of Google, the follow-up may also be issued a ticket. The report, which launched the investigation, was Arizona, State's attorney General, Norwich (Mark Brnovich).

Some consumer groups say Arizona, State's investigation will put pressure on prosecutors in the rest of the US and the U.S. Department of Justice (U.S. Federal-level prosecutors) to launch an investigation into Google. According to Arizona, State Law, the state prosecutors can initiate a survey of consumer rights protection for businesses that deceive consumers.