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Fashion, everyone wants to chase it. It is not the glitz of luxury goods, nor the appearance of the prosperous things, but an accurate understanding of self-taste, but also the relentless pursuit of the true self.

People's exploration of home aesthetics is also endless, not only to satisfy the visual beauty, but also to look forward to the future fashion lifestyle.

As a first-line international supermodel, Wei Mi is recognized as a 'pro-female girl', He Sui has been active in the first-class fashion T-stage. Constantly exposed to the world's cutting-edge fashion trends and aesthetics world, let He Sui have the rigorous design masters Aesthetic and advanced fashion taste.

Recently, He Sui has unlocked a new identity in the field of technology aesthetics - TCL's high-end brand XESS brand ambassador. In the latest He Sui for the XESS floating window full scene TV poster and endorsement video, the two explore together Fashion trends and the future of home life, together call for the beauty of life, the beauty of technology.

One question, one gaze, one answer, He Sui led us to open the beauty of fashion life.

TCL creative production

"End of the Egg: He Sui & XESS Beautiful 75 Seconds Full Video"

Between the light and shadow, she tells thousands of emotions. Although He Sui has become accustomed to using the various movements on the stage to satisfy the eyes of the whole scene - the designer's eyes, the photographer's eyes, like her and not yet know her. Eye. But in life, she needs to charge her eyes. She needs to use lines, colors, and three-dimensionality to tell her how artistic beauty should behave.

Artistic appearance, design beauty

XESS floating window full scene TV has three aesthetics, decorative aesthetics, new styling aesthetics, oriental aesthetics, which can adapt to Nordic, new Chinese, American country and other home styles, even a white wall can decorate art. Feeling full. Let users no longer have to worry about the design of the TV background wall, do not have to worry about losing the beauty with the TV style.

AI+ Internet of Things, the beauty of technology

TCL creative XESS floating window full scene TV is not only a gorgeous art decoration, but also the most gentle and intelligent housekeeper in the home, AI+IoT technology makes it the core entrance of smart home. 24 hours standby, 180 degrees Sound source positioning system, 8 meters far-field voice positioning, as long as you order, XESS floating window full scene TV will provide smart home control, traffic, weather information, take-away shopping and other life services at any time, to you and your family All-round care.

In addition, XESS floating window full scene TV built a wealth of art, travel, music and other comprehensive resources, to provide users with a beautiful day, in 365 days and nights to carry the beauty of life with art. At the same time with QLED, fog Low-reflection screen, AI image quality adjustment technology, and ONKYO audio and Dolby Vision HDR imaging technology, Dolby Atmos immersive audio technology, let the TV become a 'family art gallery' and 'Family Concert Hall'.

"Click to view He Sui & XESS beautiful 75 second full video"

TCL creative production

As in the video, when the light hits the beautiful face of He Sui, along with the time and space picture of the jump, the pure white sculpture building seems to tell the solidification of time, and the flow of the lens is between art and beauty. Projection. At that moment, the one that caught her eye is - XESS floating window full scene TV.

Meet He Sui, meet XESS floating window full scene TV, meet the fashion home new life. It is reported that XESS floating window full scene TV is now in Jingdong, Tmall, Suning, Gome and other online and offline malls officially on sale! Hurry to Jingdong, days Cat, Suning, Gome, etc. Choose your favorite online and offline malls!

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