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The average person's eyes blink 16 times per minute, each blink of the brain will record the image, through the nerve conduction to form a dynamic picture, into the original memory, and in many memories, some shallow as mist may dissipate, and some are unforgettable, often recalled can be vividly present. For this part, this unforgettable memory will be staged every year.

Perhaps you guessed that the deep memory of the annual will be punctual to the Vimi. As the world's top show, Vimi's supermodel always attracted much attention, but compared to many European and American models, more like China's supermodel. Among them, Vimi's ' pro-daughter ' Ho Spike is the most beloved of this series.

And this is the 8th time she has boarded the Vimi list this year. As a successful supermodel, Sui He's experience is extraordinary and wonderful, not only forged her tenacity character, but also let her have a more transparent understanding of beauty and art.

For the model has always been on the runway other people's view of the scenery, go all out to meet the eyes of all, with thousands of style to shape the beauty and art, is the mission is also value.

TCL Creative Productions

"Easter egg: Sui he &xess beautiful 75 seconds full video" In the previous period of time xess new products floating window Scene TV conference site, Sui he formally became the Xess brand image ambassador, small series have to say: ' Have vision. Whether from the external temperament and beauty or the persistent pursuit of art, xess and Sui he are extremely fit.

In the poster and endorsement video for the xess floating windows, we explore the future of fashion trends and home life, calling for the beauty of life and the beauty of science and technology.

One choice, four kinds of style

Xess floating windows has four different aesthetic design appearances, moving between classical and modern, sophisticated and exotic ' decorative aesthetics '.

Inspired by Mondrian, the line and color show a sense of order and rhythm, full of balance and harmony of the beauty of the ' new aesthetics '.

By the three-dimensional line ' netting ', through the comparison of the different visual weight distribution to achieve the beauty of the balance of the "three-dimensional aesthetics."

There are also precipitated the Eastern culture, inspired by Chinese wooden furniture, the removal of cumbersome details carved, preserving the simple oriental charm of the ' Oriental aesthetics '.

No matter what the style of decoration, floating windows full-view TV can catch people's eyeballs in the first moment, just like Sui he standing on the runway, let you believe that some people, some things are naturally so breathtaking.

One bedroom, all day company

In addition to the artistic appearance of the xess floating windows full-day view TV built is also quite smart, built-in ' Life Butler ', for you to arrange the itinerary planning, traffic and thoughtful weather alerts, with intelligence to make life easier.

Support 180° sound source control and 8 meters away from the field voice of the xess floating windows full-time TV, has been with a number of brands to achieve smart home cooperation, lighting, kitchen, security, cleaning just by giving orders to it, you can achieve the control of other smart home equipment.

In the aspect of audition effect, it adopts the next-generation display technology qled, low reflection screen of fog surface and automatic adjustment of brightness and contrast by AI algorithm;

Sound quality in cooperation with the famous Japanese HiFi audio brand Bridge audio to create a theater-level split external speakers, and Dolby Atmos immersive sound technology, to bring users a realistic restore and shocking telepresence. At the same time, if Sui he is the embodiment of the beauty of the catwalk, then TCL creative xess Floating window full-view TV is the art of living aesthetics. They all have a common denominator, and that's the ability to catch your eyeballs. Sometimes attraction cannot be described by words, but by where your eyes fall.

Have you ever forgotten to blink because of her and its beauty?

"Click to view Sui he &xess 75 seconds full Video"

TCL Creative Productions As in the video, when the light hits the Sui he beautiful face, along with the jump of time and space, white sculpture building, as if to tell the solidification of time, the lens flow between the art and beauty of the projection.

That moment, caught her eyeball is--xess floating window full-view TV. At present, Ho-sui endorsement of the xess floating window full-time TV is now in Jingdong, Tmall, Suning, Gome and other online shopping mall officially open! Four aesthetic styling, open a better life.

Hurriedly to Jingdong, Tmall, Suning, Gome and other online online shop Select your beloved!

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* Netizens speak is not the position of the site, this site is not recommended in the Comment column of any online shop, dealers, beware of being deceived! Xess Brand Ambassador Sui he: true beauty, being attracted to just one look