Two-pronged ritual killer | Sony painting 谛 乾 乾

If the A8F debut on the CES2018 is not enough to shake the A1 market position at the beginning of the year, Sony just released the 2018 double-flagship series OLED A9F and LCD Z9F in Shanghai last month. The improvement is enough to make you hollow. The pockets are upgraded for the living room TV.

President of Sony Vision Products, Senior Executive Vice President of Sony Group Takagi Ichiro (right)

Xiao Cangmin, Chief TV R&D Engineer of Sony Vision Products

This time, Sony has two new killers, which has injected new vitality into this flat TV market. Although the products of the two different panel types are upgraded at the same time, it is not difficult to see that Sony is relying more on A9F than from the show. Some, compared to Z9F, OLED TV's A9F can play the creativity of Sony engineers. Thanks to the new 3.2-channel screen sound field + technology and Sony X1 Ultimate chip, A9F is both in picture quality and sound quality. The previous generation of flagship model A1 has improved a lot. This time I was fortunate to interview the president of Sony Vision Products Co., Ltd. at Sony Tokyo Osaki Office, Takagi Ichiro, senior executive vice president of Sony Group, and Sony Vision Products, chief TV R&D engineer Ogura Minami, on Sony Let's take a look at the new series and strategies of the painting series.

The painting will continue to lead the high-end big-screen TV market

Over the past year or so, thanks to consumption upgrades, Chinese consumers are increasingly demanding high-end OLED TVs and large-screen LCD TVs. OLED TVs are increasing by more than 180%, and large-size LCD TVs of 65 inches and above are 200. % growth. Sony has always been passionate about delivering content creators' intent and commitment to launch a series of TVs, two different types of panel products to meet the needs of consumers. Not only large screen, with network 4K and high dynamic HDR With the rise of content, Sony is constantly pursuing high-quality renderings. The series of paintings is fully equipped with the flagship version of Sony's top digital processing chip X1. Compared with the previous generation X1 advanced version, X1 Ultimate has achieved about twice as much painting. With enhanced processing power, this chip can maximize the image quality of OLED and liquid crystal display technology, and create the highest picture quality of BRAVIA series TV. This ensures that Sony continues to lead the consumer market in the high-end and large-screen TV market.

Upgrade the core technology of audio and video to consolidate Sony's leading position

Unlike competing products, Sony is still committed to upgrading its audio and video core technology to improve the consumer experience. The OLED A9F not only carries the X1 Ultimate version for better picture quality, but also upgrades the screen sound field technology to 3.2 channels. The immersive sound quality that can be experienced. The Z9F is equipped with a series of innovative technologies compared with the previous generation LCD machine Z9D. It is the most sophisticated product of 4K LCD TV: First, the viewing angle, Sony developed the wide-angle viewing technology. It can realize a wide viewing angle while the color is not distorted, and the viewing quality can maintain the highest image quality. Secondly, the dynamic blur processing, the X9000F is equipped with the Octavia dynamic technology passed down to the Z9F, which effectively reduces the blurry picture for high-speed motion pictures. Provide users with a smooth and beautiful picture. Further consolidate Sony's leading position in the field of audio and video quality.

Respond to different display technologies and firmly develop better chips.

Sony is not a panel manufacturer. Sony's technology research and development focus is on image processing chips, and high-quality products are introduced according to market demand and different panel technologies. At present, Sony has developed a series of paintings on OLED and LCD panel technologies. A9F and Z9F, these two series have their own advantages. OLED adopts self-illumination is one of the trends of future display technology, Sony has more creative space. LCD TV price/performance ratio is a big advantage, and mature technology and 10.5 generation line panel In the short term, it is still the mainstream of the market. Sony further explores the potential of LCD TV through technology research and development, the pixel-level contrast is improved, the wide-angle viewing angle solves the viewing angle and the Octavia dynamic processing dynamic blur.

For large-scale, high value-added market segments, there are about 200 million units sold worldwide. Regardless of whether OLED, QLED or LCD in the future, Sony will have the highest processing performance to cope with the trend of different display technologies. 8K Sony has been There is also research and advancement. The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games will reach a cooperation with NHK TV in Japan, and Sony will announce it at an appropriate time based on market feedback.

High value-added large-size TV is expected to be high in the Chinese market.

China may be the fastest growing Internet TV market in the world, thanks to the prosperity of China's Internet and online content. Sony TV intelligent systems are optimized on the basis of native Android to meet consumer demand for online content. But Sony still It is considered that the high-value-added large-size TV is the future. Sony will stick to itself and continue to work harder in the high value-added market segment to gain a larger share. At the same time, China is the world's second largest economy, Sony's series of paintings. After choosing to sell in the United States, it was China, and then it was the European market. It also showed great importance to the Chinese market.