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Recently, a group of Sui he on the internet on the visual poster outflow, photos of her muscles such as snow, waist, such as beam, teeth such as including shellfish, from the QI. Although known as Vimi in China's ' pro-daughter ' walk through a lot of shows, but seriously dedicated she is still trying to do the most fully prepared.

Good people are so, to their own stringent requirements, always do the best. This group of posters stems from her recent unlocking of a new identity in the field of technology aesthetics--TCL's high-terminal brand Xess brand ambassador.

In the latest Sui he for the xess floating Windows full-view TV shot poster and endorsement video, both work together to explore the fashion trend and home life of the future, together call for the beauty of life, the beauty of science and technology.

TCL Creative Productions

"Easter egg: Sui he &xess beautiful 75 seconds full video" ' Perfect ' is the time that is not counted on the back of the shiny, it is true love and persistence. Sui he so, her endorsement of TCL Creative xess Floating window full-view TV is also the case.

Never stop the exploration of beauty, with art to break the space constraints, with black technology to create new smart new home.

Home is also a space for art When it comes to art, we have a habit of thinking about the Louvre in Paris, the Museum of Armor in Austria, and the Mogao grottoes in Dunhuang.

Even if we travel around the world to visit the art exhibition, we can not satisfy our desire and appreciation of art anytime and anywhere.

For the pursuit of the quality of Life Xess brand spokesperson Sui He, can give life the most visual aesthetic way is to extend a home full of artistic flavor.

Xess Floating window full-screen TV just meet the wish of Sui he, its well-polished three-dimensional aesthetics, decorative aesthetics, new modelling aesthetics, Oriental aesthetics four appearance can adapt to a variety of home style, so that you do not have to worry about the design of the TV background wall, also do not need in the fear and TV style not to lose beauty. When we stop to watch a painting a classic film, nostalgia is not only its own artistic value, but also miss is the story behind the creation of artists.

Xess Floating window Full-view TV built-in art appreciation function, through the bridge HiFi Audio Aesthetic sound quality, the embodiment of ' home of the narrator ' let oneself and family every day by the artistic atmosphere of edification.

TV, the home appliance is also the smart Butler Xess floating windows Full-time TV with the forefront of science and technology integration with art resources, awaken the United States, but also through the intelligent experience, so that life is no longer bland.

It will wait for the owner's opening, for the owner to provide smart home control, transportation, weather information, take-away shopping and many other convenient services to change the family smart Butler.

Imagine: In the morning, curtains slowly open, soft sunlight through the vibrant terrace, through floor-to-ceiling windows, sprinkled on your face and bedroom every corner. The bedroom background music gradually sounded, playing the family's favorite wake up music.

On a new day, the xess's floating windows are accompanied by warm sunshine, natural views of the terrace and graceful music to awaken every cell in the body. When ready to go out, xess floating windows full-screen TV with a large display of the way to the fastest arrival of the company's path, but also attentive to notice the weather and clothing. After a tiring day, I sat around with my family to relax, listen to a song, watch a movie, and admire a famous painting. Evening ready to go to bed but think of curtains did not pull, the lights have not closed?

Rest assured, a word to tell this ' smart housekeeper ', all the control of smart home can be as you like.

and Sui he heart of the good quality of life in the home of the same expectations, xess floating window full-view TV really do the science and technology and aesthetic design, I believe that Tcl's high-terminal brand xess will be the beauty of science and technology to pass down.

"Click to view Sui he &xess 75 seconds full Video"

TCL Creative Productions As in the video, when the light hits the Sui he beautiful face, along with the jump of time and space, white sculpture building, as if to tell the solidification of time, the lens flow between the art and beauty of the projection.

That moment, caught her eyeball is--xess floating window full-view TV. At present, Ho-sui endorsement xess floating window full-time TV is now in Jingdong, Tmall, Suning, Gome and other online shopping mall officially open! Four aesthetic styling, open a better life.

Hurriedly to Jingdong, Tmall, Suning, Gome and other online online shop Select your beloved!
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