iPhone XS/ XS Max Tmall starter | September 14th, the whole network is on sale for 7 days

In the early morning of September 13th, Beijing time, Apple released three new mobile phones, iPhone XS, iPhone XS MAX and iPhone XR, and synchronized in Tmall Global. On September 14th at 3pm, iPhone XS/XS Max will be in Tmall Apple. Store official flagship store, Apple's official website leads the whole network 7 days full pre-sale, September 21st spot for sale.

In terms of price, the iPhone XS/XS Max uses 5.8-inch/6.5-inch OLED screens respectively, priced at 8699 yuan, starting at 9599 yuan. The new iPhone equipped with A12 bionic processor has stronger performance, while the Bank of China version supports dual-card dual standby. Function, but many netizens still see the iPhone after pricing, 'not calmly touched the kidney!'

However, Tmall launched the 'Bao Yu Fu' this year and announced that it will be officially launched on September 14th. 'Consumer repurchase' service. Consumers buy a new iPhone with 'value repurchase' logo in Tmall, after one year of use If the appearance is intact, there is no damage and maintenance records, Tmall designated recyclers will repurchase at a discount of 40% off. That is, consumers can use the new iPhone for one year at a price of 40% off.

In addition, Tmall also brought 12 interest-free coupons and old-for-new price-added red packets to the fruit powder. From September 14th to 16th, consumers can get 12 free tickets as long as they complete the assessment of the old mobile phone. For coupons, the old machine can be recycled to receive an additional red envelope; at the same time, 88 VIP will receive an additional 100 yuan for China Mobile; in addition, the Alipay search for 'Apple Zone', you can also spend the time to repurchase the new machine.

This also means that Tmall is not only the fastest to buy iPhone XS/XS Max channel, but also the most cost-effective platform for purchase. Take a iPhone XS with a price of nearly 10,000 yuan as an example, participate in the 'preservation repurchase' year As long as 4,000 yuan, equivalent to only 300 yuan per month.

Since Apple officially settled in Tmall in 2013, all new Apple products have been synchronized in Tmall. The official flagship store of Tmall Apple Store has become the first platform for Apple's new products. From the classic iPhone 4 of the Steve Jobs era, to the new iPhone. XS, Apple has also achieved brilliant results in the Chinese market through the launch of Tmall, and has won the annual sales of Tmall mobile phones for many years. Apple Tmall flagship store has become the only official online sales channel in addition to Apple's official website.

At present, Tmall has become the main starting point for new products in the world. Not only new iPhone products, but also more than 550,000 mobile phones in the first half of 2018. Digital, home appliances, 3C new products are launched in Tmall. On average, there are more than 3,000 new products per day through Tmall. consumer.

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