New compact plug-in electronic locks provide electronic switching solutions for space-constrained applications

Hong Kong, China - Southco expands its portfolio of electronic access control solutions, and the new compact electronic slides simplify the upgrade from mechanical locking to electromechanical locking. Lightweight EM-05 5 Series Plug-in Electronic Locks Suitable for light-duty applications with limited space, its highly efficient gear motor drive mechanism can be integrated with any control system.

EM-05 5 Series Plug-in Electronic Lock

The Series 5 plug-in electronic locks feature an easy-to-use press function and, compared to an electromagnetic solenoid solution, require no additional energy to maintain the product retracted or extended position, resulting in improved energy efficiency. Easy to install and retrofit to existing systems The 5 series plug-in electronic locks are the most economical solution for installing electronic switches in a variety of space-constrained applications.

General Manager Steve Spatig said: 'Compared with the original EM-05, the EM-05 5 series plug-in electronic locks have a significantly reduced volume, which makes them suitable for use in many very small applications. The new electronic locks are pressed Design, gear motor drive mechanism and other advantages, provide reliable access control, and its energy-saving design can also save system components and operating costs.