The new hover H6, launched in the UAE, is powered by a 2.0 turbo engine that matches the 7-speed wet dual-clutch transmission, which is believed to bring a better driving experience to local consumers

September 6, 2018, the new H6 listing activities in the Diebaihav store grandly held, listing activities invited more than 10 local mainstream media, dignitaries, dealers high-level, car and the intention of customers, such as a total of hundreds of people to participate.

Chinese ambassador to the UAE, bids, was invited to attend the new car launch ceremony and unveiled the new car with Svedan Nabuda, chairman of the Great Wall Motor's UAE dealer, Al Naboodah. Svedan Nabuda Ngai said that after entering the UAE in 2016, the automaker has won the recognition and favor of the market with its excellent quality, excellent workmanship and high cost-performance. Our customer base is primarily home and business users in the UAE.

The hover H6 model is updated every time, the application of a large number of the latest technology, reflects the rapid progress of China's automotive industry and innovative spirit. The first buyer of the new hover H6 in the UAE is a French couple from the Al Fujayrah emirate. They wanted to buy a French Peugeot car, which was attracted by the brand new H6 in the next Harley store, and after understanding the configuration and price, did not hesitate to book this new hover H6.

Ambassador bids congratulated the couple on their new car and thanked them for their strong support and trust in ' Made in China '. Hover is the independent SUV brand owned by Great Wall Motors, and since its launch in 2011, the global sales of the H6 model have exceeded millions. The new hover H6 has won the C-ncap five-star rating and passed the rigorous tumbling test of the Chinese Automotive Research Center, which is undoubtedly safe.