Ministry of Commerce: China-European PV trade returns to normal market conditions

Some media questioned, after the European Commission announced that the EU anti-dumping and countervailing measures against PV products in China expired on September 3, does it mean that the two countries' photovoltaics resume free trade, the Ministry of Commerce spokesperson peak gave clear Respond.

Ministry of Commerce spokesperson Peak: The EU PV case can be said to be a model for China and the EU to properly resolve conflicts and differences through dialogue and consultation in the economic and trade field, and achieve mutual benefit and common development.

Gao Feng said that since the launch of the case in 2012, China and the EU have reached a proper handling mechanism for price commitments after several rounds of consultations, avoiding further escalation of trade friction. The two countries' industries, including the upstream and downstream industry chains, have continuously strengthened cooperation and achieved complementary advantages. On September 3, the European side announced the termination of the dual-counter measures against PV products in China, reflecting the voices of the two countries' industries. It is also in the context of the current unilateralism of individual countries and the rise of trade protectionism. Pragmatic measures for the development of free trade.

Ministry of Commerce spokesperson peak: The termination of the measures has restored the trade of bilateral PV products between China and Europe to the normal market, providing a more stable and predictable business environment for the cooperation between the two countries.