Haier and other domestic water heater brand efforts, the world water heater industry is out of the European and American brand-led situation, the Chinese brand gradually become the dominant industry p

Recently, the world authoritative market research organization Euromonitor International signed the 2017 Global water heater market Research Data Report.

Data show, according to 2017 retail number calculation, Haier water heater is ranked the world's first household water storage type electric water heater company, accounting for 16.88% of the market share. According to the data, the share of Haier electric water heaters increased by 1.18% in 2017 compared with the world's first share of the Euromonitor International report last year. 15.7%

It is reported that the Euromonitor International released the top five brands also have Ariston, Group Atlantic and so on.

World Water Heater Industry unique: 6 consecutive years of global sales first The Euromonitor international certification Haier electric water heater sales in the world's first 2017, and before, Haier electric water heater sales has been the world's first in 5 consecutive years, and in recent years the share of increasing.

The pattern of global electric water heaters led by Chinese brands is also delineated. It is learnt that, as the international brand of globalization, Haier not only in the electric water heaters to lead, in the gas water heaters, air water heaters, Solar water heater market LED. 2017, Haier water heater acquisition of the world's largest flat-panel solar manufacturers Greenonetec, leading the global flat-panel solar industry. Haier gas water heater high-end growth first.

Haier air can home heat pump in 2017 to obtain domestic sales, the number of sales ranked double first, but also the industry's only breakthrough 200,000 sets of brands.

Interactive demand improvement experience Haier water heater global share promotion In fact, Haier water heater market share of the increase, the first benefit from the user 0 distance from the needs of interaction. To the well-known anti-electric wall as an example, Haier in interaction with the user learned that the water heater leakage seriously endanger the user's safety. Haier invented the patented anti-electric wall technology to solve the global electricity safety hazards, in 2007 was included in the IEC international standards.

In China, every 10 electric water heaters have 7 units using Haier anti-electric wall. The anti-electric wall solves the problem of the user's electricity safety, and the net washing solves the water safety problem. In the deep interaction with the user, Haier water heater found that: the water heater for a long time do not clean the inner liner will become worse, in this case the user's bathing experience is poor. Haier invented anti-scaling water purification technology to establish the industry water quality safety standards, three-level filtration, double-effect anti-scaling, to achieve high efficiency in addition to chlorine, sterilization rate of up to 99.9%, to ensure user bath water safety, bring users a new experience of water purification bath.

Haier instantaneous hot water washing water heater PLUS9 at CES, awe and other international exhibitions to win the Innovation Award. "China electric water heater User Data white paper," said the heating speed is slow, water shortage is one of the most concerned about the pain point of consumers. Haier instantaneous thermal anti-electric wall water heater uses the waterfall bath frequency conversion instantaneous heat WASH 2.0 technology changes the traditional heating body, compared to the ordinary electric water heater, the heating saves time 90%, speeds up 12 times times, realizes the preheating 5 minutes, the water purification waterfall washes the bathing experience.

Under the action of the poly-energy ring, the instantaneous thermal anti-electric wall water heater can make the hot water temperature instantly increase 15 ℃, achieve 10 times times increase capacity, in the effluent temperature to maintain 38 ℃, can be continuously filled with 4 bathtubs, to meet the family bath. It is reported that in the 7 GB of electric water heaters, 6 are made by Haier.

Leading technology has attracted the industry's competition to imitate, according to statistics, Haier water heaters have 12 of original technology by the global counterparts to imitate. More importantly, the continuous improvement of the user experience is the Haier water heater market share to promote the booster.

In the marketing experience, Haier water heaters continue to innovate the form of interactive experience, for example, through the hands of the experiment, the user experience the strength of Haier anti-power wall; through the door cleaning dirty liner and net wash contrast demonstration, the user witnessed the new experience of the water shower brought by Haier. Service experience, Haier water heater deepening retail transformation, layout contact network, booth sales from the sale of products to sell a complete set of changes, from the provision of water supplies to the user customized complete sets of water solutions to change.

and Haier water heater door design, personalized service experience has been more user recognition, the current Haier water heater has been built to cover the country's village-level network pattern and reach the global penetration ability, Haier services reach greatly enhance product experience and service experience. Industry analysis, in the human single-mode, Haier water heaters through the open ecosystem to continuously meet the needs of global users, and constantly realize the innovation of user experience, create lifelong value.