This time to own real ruthless oaks next to product quality layout suspense, enough to let the entire industry to wait and see. Quality is the hard truth | Oaks Air Conditioning The use of 60 days not

From the continuous fashion multiple cross-border integration, to the brand rejuvenation Transformation Circle powder countless, and then to the original network batch model to become the industry model, in recent years in the marketing level of the impact of countless sparks, to create a number of industry phenomenon-level topic. In the rich marketing method of the addition, the advantages of the products are increasingly prominent, in order to allow consumers to better feel the charm of the product, the Ox recently launched ' quality is the hard truth, the use of 60 days not satisfied with the return ' activity, that is, September 15-October 31, the consumer during the event purchased and installed the use of designated models

, the use of 60 days from the installation date is not satisfied with the return, equivalent to give users the opportunity to free trial, the product quality of the discourse and the initiative is completely handed over to the user.

Quality is the hard truth, use 60 days not satisfied with the return campaign poster The relevant person in charge of the game, dowager, Moon Man, Athena and other hot-selling models are involved in the event, and the return process is very simple, according to the rules of activity, in the Tmall, Jingdong and Suning easy to buy online customers can call 4008-268-268 application, after-sales staff will be on the door related information review ( Purchase invoice, warranty card), confirm the correct after cash/transfer refund purchase to the consumer, and dismantle the machine, and then by the after-sales personnel issued "Activity model return confirmation" Consumer signature confirmation, you can complete the return; In the chain store counters, the signing channel stores and other stores to buy activity models of consumers,

If you are satisfied with the return rules, you can return directly to the store. As an internet-based household electrical appliance enterprise, the capture of user demand is more accurate, in the construction of high-end quality guidance at the same time, still users are not satisfied as the only reason for returns, visible ' quality is the hard truth, use 60 days not satisfied on the return ' activity behind, not only the excellent product strength of oaks,

It also contains technology innovation, user experience and other links, and once again build up a convenient and efficient communication platform between the user and the ox. Quality consumption era of the tide is swept, the face of mainstream consumer groups change, home appliances industry has to carry up the quality of the transformation of the consumption of the banner, the Austrian air conditioning in recent years focused on ' quality is the cornerstone, innovation is the soul ' business philosophy, the innovation and quality of joint enterprise development of all aspects, accumulated in ' quality, innovation, efficiency Invest more than 3 billion yuan, the final landing to the product force, in the quality of the strategy continued to adhere to the development of the Ox bear fruit, the launch of the majority of products become hot-selling explosives, both accurate temperature control, rapid refrigeration heating, remote WiFi, automatic washing and other functions of the series of products, so that users continue to look forward to.

Especially since 2018, Slim, Lady, Oaks super-run air-conditioning listed, let the ox become the only 5 times the air-conditioning industry won the "Quality Benchmarking Award" business, Slim hanging machine and Lady cabinet machine is the 2018-2019 air-conditioning industry on the line of intelligent quality Star and the air-conditioning industry intelligent technology Star.

The certificate obtained Industry analysis, the ox through the differentiated products and marketing ideas, for the home Appliance industry transformation and upgrade to provide ideas, this is the first attack, quality service as a breakthrough, consumer experience as the core demand, the first launch of the use of 60 days dissatisfied with the return service commitment,

Will be in the new cold year first mid-Autumn Festival National Day point triggered the consumption boom in the air conditioning industry.

Oaks Air Conditioning operating in the Arctic It is worth mentioning that the use of 60 days is not satisfied with the return activity is only a beginning, it is reported that in late September, the Austrian air conditioning will travel to Turpan, Xinjiang to conduct a polar product evaluation experiment, so that the ox new products to accept the hot test of Xinjiang region, the specific way is still in the secrecy stage. We know that the ox and the South Arctic Expedition team from 2011 cooperation so far, both in the Snow Dragon or the Antarctic Science Test Station, the Austrian air conditioning has successfully completed the division delivered the ' task '--in the long-term low temperature environment of the science Test team to show high efficiency, fast, ultra-strong heating capacity, while the Austrian air conditioning has formed unique Polar Quality '-the stability that has long been tested by harsh weather conditions '.

This time to own real ruthless oaks next to product quality layout suspense, enough to let the entire industry to wait and see. Quality is the hard truth | Oaks Air Conditioning The use of 60 days not satisfied with the return