More than 40 female officials from developing countries gathered in Hanergy | Visiting Mobile Energy Black Technology

On September 10, 41 female officials from 13 developing countries came to the Hanergy headquarters to visit and exchange. Cao Yang, vice president of Hanergy Thin Film Power Group and president of Global Marketing Group, accompanied the visit.

The visiting female officials were all participants of the China Women's College '2018 Leadership Building for Women Officials in Developing Countries', from 13 national governments and relevant functional departments at the bureau or department level. According to the China Women's College Dean Wang Jingxia introduced that the female officials in the organization’s development visited Hanergy. The purpose was to experience the Hanergy products and the Hanergy corporate atmosphere through these female officials, and to understand China’s clean energy benchmark enterprises in order to better promote Han. Can brand.

Female officials from developing countries visit Hanergy Clean Energy Exhibition Center

The visiting guests visited the Clean Energy Exhibition Center and the second floor exhibition hall of Building A. The visit was also a process in which the guests were deeply attracted by Hanergy products. The guests personally experienced the exhibits with great interest, asking about product performance and taking photos. With the introduction of the instructors, the guests from time to time issued the 'Great! Amazing!' heartfelt admiration. Hanergy's all-solar power car, Hanwa, Han Umbrella, Han Wall, Han Road, Han Bao, Han Paper, etc. The 'Way' 'use' full range of products, allowing visitors to more intuitive, comprehensive experience of Hanergy's technological leadership in the field of thin film solar energy and Hanneng as a Chinese clean energy benchmark enterprise's unique charm.

Female officials from developing countries talked with Cao Yang, vice president of Hanergy Thin Film Power Group and president of Global Marketing Group

During the symposium, Cao Yang introduced the status quo and business composition of Hanergy to the visiting guests, and answered questions from guests on the spot. The visiting guests had in-depth exchanges on topics such as Hanergy products, technological advantages, market development, and spoke on behalf of Hanergy products and Hanergy’s level of technological innovation in the field of clean energy is shocking. The visit and exchanges have deepened the understanding and goodwill of Hanergy. In the future, it will continue to pay attention to Hanergy, promote Hanergy, and directly begin to negotiate how government and enterprises can dock, and How to start business as soon as possible in your country.

Cao Yang introduces Hanergy thin film solar technology, products and markets

Visiting guests took a group photo at Hanergy Headquarters

During the visit, female officials showed great interest in Hanergy products and highly praised Hanergy enterprises and brands. Recently, the theme of 'cooperation and win-win cooperation, building a closer community of fate between China and Africa' The China-Africa Cooperation Forum was successfully held in Beijing. It is believed that this visit will also play a positive role in further strengthening the economic exchanges and cooperation between Chinese enterprises and other developing countries. Through this kind of 'please come in, go out' communication, Han The brand influence will be further enhanced, and the image of China's clean energy power will be more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.