Is it good to go to the repair shop for new energy vehicle maintenance?

The rain is three or two, and the autumn is a bit cold.

In the morning, the door is coming out, and the rainy days of the rain will send the cool autumn.

I remembered a friend who had complained to me some time ago. I haven’t met the fall in Shanghai for more than a year, but it’s not that it’s especially early this autumn. It’s also very clear.

In the fall, what problems do readers of "Electric Big Coffee" encounter? Let's take a look.

'Mark': Whether the new energy vehicle maintenance goes to the car 4S shop or goes to the car repair shop, why?

'子不语' : How much does it cost for an electric car to charge once?

Q1: Is it good to go to the 4S shop or go to the car repair factory for new energy car maintenance, why?

With more and more new energy owners, after-sales maintenance has become a concern of many car owners, is it a good repair to a professional 4S shop? Or to a repair shop?

In fact, measuring only which one is better requires only three criteria: technology, accessory quality and cost performance.

The first one is technology. The maintenance personnel of the 4S shop are directly trained by the manufacturer. The tools used for maintenance are special tools. The advantage of this is that the maintenance is quick and the operation specifications are not caused by the incomplete tools. .

The second one is the quality of the accessories. The spare parts of the 4S shop are guaranteed. It should be authentic accessories. The quality guarantee period of the accessories is strictly in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements. If it is found to be counterfeit, it can be easily reported. At the same time, for the maintenance standards and data, 4S shop There are strict regulations, the operating procedures and price lists are relatively open.

The third is the price/performance ratio. The service in the 4S shop is better, the workshop is clean and tidy, and it feels comfortable. After the vehicle is repaired, there is a shelf life. If the 4S shop will bear all the economic losses due to technical problems or spare parts, the maintenance price of the 4S shop is relatively high. .

In addition to the lower price, the repair shop has no standard data. It relies on the experience of maintenance personnel to repair the car. The repair personnel are not stable enough. For difficult problems, foreign aid is often requested. The purchase channels of accessories may be more expensive.

In fact, the biggest feature of 4S shop is professional. It is a car franchise model with "four in one" as the core, including vehicle sales, spare parts, after-sales service, and feedback. If your new energy vehicle is a small problem, you can Repair to the repair shop, but if it is a key component, such as battery pack, the problem of the motor is best to go to the 4S shop, especially the new energy car in the warranty is best to choose a professional 4S shop for maintenance.

Finally, "Electric Big Coffee" reminds everyone that the senior professional maintenance personnel of new energy vehicles are still in short supply, let alone the general maintenance factory personnel, they rely more on self-experience for maintenance, and there is no standardized process. , so you must not lose because of small, it is best to go to a professional 4S shop maintenance.

Q2: How much does it cost for an electric car to charge once?

At present, the mainstream electric vehicles are between 100 and 500 kilometers. In terms of charging costs, there are several aspects involved:

(1) Charging efficiency

Charging efficiency, AC charging piles generally have an efficiency of 88%, and DC efficiency is about 93%.

(2) Battery capacity

At present, the latest pure electric vehicle power is between 30kWh and 50kWh. For example, the JAC iev7s battery capacity is 39kWh, and the Tiggo 3Xe400 battery capacity is 49kWh.

(3) Electricity price

In terms of electricity price, different charging piles, at different times, the price of charging is not the same.

If public charging piles are used for charging, the current price of mainstream charging piles is between 1.6 yuan and 1.8 yuan, which is higher than commercial electricity;

If household electric charging is used, due to the price of household electricity ladder and the price of each province and city is different, we calculate the price of 0.307 yuan / kWh in Shanghai at night.

'Electricity fee = battery capacity / charging efficiency × electricity price'

So we can calculate it according to this formula. Take the Tiggo 3Xe400 as an example. Assume that every time you drive to the remaining 10% of the battery, it is 44.1kWh.

If you use the public charging pile to charge, and use the fast charge mode, it needs about 75 yuan for full charge. If you use household electricity to charge, it needs about 13.5 yuan for full charge. Therefore, the minimum charge for electricity is about 20 yuan, up to 80. Around the yuan, the average electricity cost per kilometer (Tuihu 3Xe400 calculated according to working conditions 351 kilometers), ranging from 4 cents to 3 cents.

Therefore, although the price of new energy vehicles is relatively expensive compared to fuel vehicles, the annual amount of kerosene money can be left a large sum. Overall, it is still possible.