PepsiCo joins the NaturALL Plastic Bottle Alliance

The NaturALL Plastic Bottle Alliance is a research and development alliance established in 2017 by Danone, Nestlé Drinking Water and bio-based materials development company Origin Materials to accelerate the development and utilization of 100% sustainable and innovative packaging solutions for renewable materials. September 10 The Alliance announced the addition of PepsiCo to work together to achieve the common goal of significantly reducing carbon emissions in beverage container manufacturing.

The Alliance also provided a progress report on the progress made in the development and application of bio-based PET plastic bottles. The NaturALL Plastic Bottle Alliance was established in March 2017 and is dedicated to the use of biological materials such as waste cardboard and sawdust. It does not occupy the resources or land used in the production of human or animal food. The science and technology that the Alliance is exploring is a new breakthrough for the industry, and the Alliance will strive to make it suitable for the entire food and beverage industry.

Mehmood Khan, vice president and chief scientific officer of PepsiCo, said: 'To create more sustainable packaging, innovation is needed throughout the value chain. Using sustainable bio-based PET materials is an excellent example of this innovation. Occupying food resources and being fully recyclable can greatly promote the implementation of PepsiCo's sustainable packaging program. According to the sustainability agenda, PepsiCo is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of packaging materials to help achieve the entire value chain by 2030. The goal of reducing absolute emissions of greenhouse gases by 20%; bio-based PET materials can significantly reduce the carbon emissions from PET bottles, which is definitely a big help for us in this field. We are very happy to contribute to the alliance. PepsiCo's research and development capabilities, and look forward to seeing the achievements of the alliance with the joint efforts of member companies.'