Reading: The new iPhone still uses the ancestral charger for 10 years | Fruit powder, can you bear it? The new iPhone still uses the ancestral charger for 10 years | Fruit powder, can you bear it?

Last year, when the iPhone 8/8P/X was released, Apple finally integrated the fast charge function into the iPhone series. Its fast support of up to 29W (now 30W) was not the best in the industry at the time. But from nothing to nothing is a new attempt.

Last year and even today, the cost of trying to experience Apple's latest fast charge is still high, not only to pay at least 149 yuan (previously 188 yuan) to buy a special Type-C - Lighting wire, but also need to match the official price 384 yuan 30W special fast charge charger (29W has been discontinued). This combination is indispensable, the two add up to a total of 533 yuan worth, how many local tyrants are willing to pay for this 'sentiment'?

Compared with the fast-filling accessories in the domestic mobile phone ring, the situation can be explained. Take the pricing of accessories in Huawei Mall as an example. A 5A fast charging data cable (49 yuan) + SuperCharge fast charging head (multi-port, 149 yuan) It is only 198 yuan, not as fast as the price of an Apple fast charge charger. Moreover, many new models of Huawei mobile phones have been equipped with SuperCharge fast charging accessories.

Although the maximum support of SuperCharge is 22.5W, combined with the test results of most of the previous media, it is equipped with a set of fast charging accessories for iPhone 8P (battery capacity 2675mAh) charging, can be charged 40% in 30 minutes, 1 hour can Filled with 75%, and it takes 2 hours and 30 minutes to fully charge; Huawei P20 (battery capacity 3400mAh), which is also equipped with its own fast charging accessories, is only used for one and a half hours.

However, before the new conference, there are already many media 'legends'. The new generation of iPhone will come standard with the new 18W fast charging accessories, and will be accompanied by Type-C - Lighting wire.

In my experience + many facts prove that Apple is a very magical company. Generally, the probability that the new iPhone will be released by pigeons is extremely high. If it is not true, the fruit powders are expected to have a conscience with the desire to fast-fill accessories. Once shattered, the new iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr, the same series still has a rumored 5V/1A charging head for 10 years, and the data cable is still the ordinary Lighting line that can't stand for a few months. To know that even the cheapest iPhone Xr has sold for as much as $6,499, the most expensive iPhone Xs Max can go to $12,799...

Looking at the feeling of Lao Huang, it is normal for the PD-type fast charge charger to be expensive. The attitude of Apple to update the standard accessories is not so simple. 5V/1A charger has been with us. In 10 years, the charging speed is slow and fatal, and how many users are not replaced with a faster third-party charger when they get the mobile phone. Even if they are replaced with the 5V/2.4A charger on the iPad, the higher specification is considered to be the consumer. Have a decent answer.

Of course, with Apple's MFI certification policy once again, it will not be long before there will be many affordable third-party fast-charge accessories, and friends who have this demand suggest to endure for a few more days.