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In the beginning of the September school season, many freshmen are not only busy with military training, but also busy with new university life. In addition to being able to fall in love with unscrupulous love, we can also bring computers to school. The problem is coming, how is Buy a favorite notebook yourself?

If you ask this question to senior students, I believe they will mention the game book! Indeed, the game book has become one of the most important choices for college students. The game has high performance to meet our needs. Not only can you run large games smoothly, even programming, video rendering is not a problem, and its cool body can also let you go wherever handsome. It can be said that the game is based on the appropriate price plus Good convenience, it has become the priority for students to buy notebooks. And in the game industry for many years of Asus, the recently updated Flying Fortress 6 is a popular product for everyone to buy.

The cool design is one of the most notable labels in the game. Flying Fortress 6 is no exception. It continues the black and red design in the appearance. The deep black is matched with the passionate red, so that the whole machine can be seen. It has a mystery, low-key without losing the temperament of the game. And it also uses a 6.5mm ultra-narrow bezel design, the ultra-high screen ratio can give us a greater visual range, let The game jumps out of the 'vision' and brings a better gaming experience.

On the screen side, the Flying Fortress is equipped with a 15.6-inch full HD screen, which is more delicate in the game screen display. At the same time, combined with the wide viewing angle of the IPS screen, the multi-angle viewing screen is completely free of distortion, and the game screen is restored at any angle. As early as this, this made us not only play well, but also look comfortable.

For notebooks, powerful performance is the most important, Flying Fortress 6 is not inferior in this respect, even can be described by the top. On the processor side, it is equipped with Intel's i7-8750H, compared to the upper The generation of processors has a significant improvement. In the face of high-load 3A game masterpieces, the experience is not inferior to that of DIY desktops. The graphics card is equipped with GTX1050Ti, and the powerful ten-series game graphics card makes the game performance even better. At present, the most mainstream chicken game is not to mention, of course, using video animation software AE, PR processing 2K, 4K ultra clear video is no pressure. In terms of storage, Flying Fortress 6 uses a dual 256GB SSD and 1TB mechanical hard disk The hard disk combination can meet the loading speed requirement of the player's reading and writing game, and also allows the player to play the game resources. If you want to play, you don't need to spend time copying and downloading, and you can experience the immersive charm of the game world at any time.

For the game party, in addition to the top performance, a good keyboard is also very important. Flying Fortress 6 is equipped with a full-size red backlit gaming keyboard, with 1.8mm keystroke, while over-the-border technology, triggering sensitive, each button Feedback is accurate.

In terms of heat dissipation, the dual-fan dual air outlet design, combined with the fan's dust-proof channel, greatly improves the cooling performance. The Overboost cooling system can be quickly activated with one button. The game keeps the computer 'cool' at all times, and the fully upgraded cooling system allows the game. More stable. At the same time in the network experience, Flying Fortress 6 also made a lot of effort, 2x2 802.11ac wave2 network module to make the network connection more stable, powerful performance with stable network modules, it is difficult to eat chicken.

On the interface, Flying Fortress also provides a rich interface to meet the needs of users while ensuring excellent screen design and top performance configuration. Flying Fortress 6 is equipped with a set of USB2.0 and two sets of USB 3.1 Gen1 interfaces. And the interface is designed on the left side of the fuselage, cleverly avoiding the mouse, avoiding the problem of wire entanglement, making the game experience more enjoyable.

Seeing here, is the Flying Fortress 6 full of advantages already eager to try? It not only meets your work and study needs, but also gives you an immersive gaming experience. Hurry and poke your fingers , Click to find out..