Five medical equipment special rectifications in Ningbo: 3 private hospitals use expired equipment

Medical Network September 13th This year, the market supervision department of Ningbo City carried out five special rectification actions for medical devices, deepened the investigation of risk hazards, and severely cracked down on illegal and illegal activities. There was no major medical device hazard incident in the city. Real estate medical device products The pass rate of supervision and sampling has exceeded 98% for three consecutive years.
The five special medical device remediation actions carried out in Ningbo this year are: special inspection of fluorescent whitening substances added to disposable infusion devices, special rectification actions for combating illegal and illegal use of medical devices, supervision and inspection of aseptic and implantable medical devices, Public consumption medical device product manual, label and commission (consigned) production, special inspection of the place of production of the registered place and in vitro diagnostic reagent 'Qingyuan River' special inspection.
From the inspection situation, the problems in the production process are mostly management irregularities. The problems in the operation and use are storage, sales or use expired. medical instruments Waiting for the situation.
A total of 193 medical device users were inspected during use. One of the medical beauty clinics found that they used non-registration certificates and were being investigated and punished. Three private medical clinics used the use of expired medical devices and were separately confiscated for expired medical devices. 4,000 yuan, 20000 yuan, 22,000 yuan fine; 4 other units that did not comply with the requirements of the medical device purchase inspection system, were ordered to correct and warn.