Zhongjiayuan testing and certification: Casa Di electric water heater energy saving over 50%

Recently, Casa Di Water Heater passed the energy-saving certification of Zhongjiayuan Testing and Certification Co., Ltd., and its electric water heater products saved more than 50% of electricity, which means that Casa Di has gained authority recognition in terms of product energy efficiency.

Energy-saving appeals, high-end products, smart technology

The 2017 China Consumer Survey Report on High-end Home Appliances shows that high-end users have further increased the demand for electric water heaters' energy-saving and environmental protection. Therefore, major water heater brands have opened up new angles to iterative energy-saving technologies, including innovative applications of smart technologies. Most products can only achieve 20%-30% energy saving.

The Casa Di electric water heater will further improve the energy-saving effect. According to the test data of the Zhongjiayuan (Beijing) testing and certification organization on the Casa Di water heater Tianmu MINI, the Casa Di water heater Tianmu PRO (see Table 1), In the state of starting and opening the intelligent cloud SMART system, Tianmu MINI consumes 20.22 kwh in the first week and 9.77 kwh in the second week; Tianmu PRO consumes 22.21 kwh in the first week and falls to 11.03kwh in the second week. According to the experimental data of two weeks, the energy saving of Casa Di electric water heater is over 50%. This is because the intelligent cloud SMART system equipped with Casa Di electric water heater will remember the user's water usage and combine with Haier Cloud Big Data. The stacking algorithm is used to customize the water update plan every day. For example, the user is used to bathing at 9-10 o'clock in the evening, and the other time is rarely used, then the electric water heater will automatically reduce the heating frequency and heating intensity of the remaining time period, thereby saving electricity.

Innovative smart cloud smart Casa Di electric energy saving 50%

It is reported that the energy-saving effect of Casa Di electric water heater comes from the innovation of intelligent cloud SMART system. With the intelligent cloud SMART system, U+ cloud big data will be automatically stored, learn the user's water habits, after the user uses the water heater for 3-7 days, the intelligence The cloud SMART system automatically generates a heating strategy based on the user's water usage habits and pushes it to the product side in real time. Subsequently, the electric water heater adjusts the heating frequency to the user's needs, and the energy consumption is minimized since the second week. During this period, cloud data will continue to 'self-correct' to achieve more precise power control.

Not only that, Casa Di electric water heater is also equipped with dual-drive quad-core instant heat technology, which can heat up quickly and reduce user waiting time. Even if the user's water habit suddenly changes, Casa Di electric water heater can respond quickly and calmly respond.

According to industry analysts, under the guidance of the 'one person in one' mode, Casa di has been deeply understanding the needs of users' bathing, and finally created an efficient energy-saving water solution through innovative use of cloud data. 50% energy saving effect, Casa Di explores the achievements of new technologies and is the engine that drives the intelligent high-end transformation of the electric water heater industry.