Hisense | 'Ice Bing' | Hall Bar: 3D Ecosystem Creates High-end Art Life in the Living Room

On September 11th, Hisense held the technical appraisal meeting of '3D Ecosystem' and 'Research and Application of Full Space Fresh-keeping Technology in Refrigerator', and successfully passed the project evaluation. The appraisal project team China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute, China Household Electrical Appliances Association, Shandong Product Quality Inspection Institute, Beijing University of Technology, Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing University of Architecture, Shandong University and other units of the seven experts completed, the identification results in Beijing Dazhong The electric appliance tower is released to the public.

During the appraisal meeting, the experts carefully listened to Hisense's project work report, technical report, user usage report and technology search report. Hisense 'Ice Bing' hall bar relies on its own three refrigeration system, vacuum storage, intelligent human touch, warm Technologies and services such as humidity sensing have been unanimously recognized by the expert group. It is understood that Hisense's 'Ice Bing' hall is dedicated to providing exclusive ice storage solutions for families, and through the innovative and intelligent design, to achieve positive interaction between products and users. Successfully created the high-end beverage eco-center of the living room. Mr. Liu Ting, professor-level senior engineer/dean of the China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute, read the appraisal opinion on behalf of the appraisal committee.

Dr. Wang Haiyan, deputy general manager of Hisense Home Appliances R&D Center, said that there are many innovations in the ice-cream hall, such as 'vacuum storage', which can extract the air inside the bottle to avoid contact between oxygen and liquor. It solves the problem that the red wine is easily oxidized and deteriorated after opening the bottle. At the same time, the 'Ice Ice' room bar adopts the design of the freezer compartment, and is equipped with a human body intelligent sensing system. The nighttime drink automatically lights up, and the details show human care. Metal The design of the textured door frame and the large window of the glass door body perfectly fits the decoration style of the various high-end living rooms, and becomes another quality standard after the traditional living room appliances such as TV and air conditioner.

'We hope that through this product, the living room appliances will truly become the help of users to pursue a better life. 'Haichun 'Bingbing', deputy general manager of the office marketing company Wang Shuke said, 'Ice Ice Hall breaks through the limitations of traditional refrigeration appliances, giving the living room The possibility of living in this scene is more likely. Taking the design of the wine storage area as an example, in the case of satisfying the six major storage standards of constant temperature, moisturizing, shock absorption, light protection, horizontal placement and sealing, the user can be allowed to live in their living room. Enjoy a professional wine cellar experience. '

At the press conference, Jin Liang, general manager of Gome White Power, also highly praised this product of Hisense Ice and Ice Hall. He said that in the future, he will continue to strengthen cooperation with Hisense Freezer to provide consumers with more high-end, high-quality products.

Adhering to technological innovation and accurately grasping market demand, Hisense Ice and Ice Hall stands at the forefront of the industry with global vision. I believe that in the future, Hisense will launch more exciting high-end products and solutions, providing new ideas and new directions for the upgrading of the entire industry. .