Glory bracelet 4 is hot, NFC version booking breaks 100,000

Yesterday at noon, @荣耀手机 released Weibo said that the glory bracelet 4 is too hot, the sale is only 2 hours, the speed of light sold out. And later in the evening, glory announced a good news, that is the new glory bracelet 4 The NFC version of the booking has exceeded 100,000.

Appearance, glory bracelet 4 is equipped with a 0.95-inch AMOLED touch color large screen, resolution up to 240 * 120, up to 45 Chinese characters can be displayed. The front of the fuselage is fully curved 2.5D glass, scratch resistance Improve, the operation is more delicate.

In terms of health function, glory bracelet 4 and industry TOP suppliers customized a new generation of heart rate detection hardware, and added AI algorithm. It also passed the sample measurement of Harvard Medical School CDB Center, which can realize 24-hour real-time continuous heart rate monitoring. Real-time updates, speed and accuracy overwhelm most of the market's bracelets.

The Glory Bracelet 4 has 7 large motion modes and a six-axis sensor. Compared with the traditional sports bracelet, it can recognize more running postures and swimming postures, and promptly reminds the user to correct posture according to the speed and amplitude. During the movement, Glory Bracelet 4 also allows you to view the dynamic heart rate in real time. Users can see more accurate results after exercise and arrange the next exercise mode.

Compared with the ordinary Running version of the bracelet, the NFC version of the glory bracelet 4 also has an independent NFC security chip, can brush the subway, brush access control, is an important part of Huawei's NFC ecological plan. It is reported that the glory bracelet 4 NFC The version will be officially released in October, and the user's enthusiasm for this product is also quite high.