Source: Antarctic Bear 3D Printing Net Reading: First pro three-dimensional push new wireless handheld 3D scanner Freescan x5+ First pro three-dimensional push new wireless handheld 3D scanner Freesca

Learned from the foreign media, first pro three-dimensional at the IMTS 2018 exhibition launched its new wireless 3D scanner Freescan X5 + and X7 +.

As the first three-dimensional wireless laser handheld 3D scanner, wireless Freescan X5 + and X7 + are redefining the portability of handheld 3D scanners, providing users with a new 3D scanning experience. ' First pro three-dimensional very happy to be able to bring these new wireless 3D scanners Freescan X5 + and X7 + to market. Customers can now enjoy the complete freedom of 3D scanning, ' said Oscar Meza, vice president of global sales, ' Now, ' there is no need to use cables to connect computers, so scanning large objects or scanning in challenging conditions can be easier.

' Wireless Freescan X5 + and X7 + Use the ' airmaster ' Wireless compute processing unit with a heterogeneous multi-core SOC processor that can be fully computed from hardware-driven image data.

In addition, the wireless Freescan X5 + and X7 + have a lightweight design and easy operation to support real-time data display on smartphones or tablets. In addition, wireless Freescan devices provide up to 3 hours of continuous operation and 12 hours of standby time for trouble-free long-time operation. With leading-edge technology, wireless Freescan scanners respond to challenging tasks in the automotive, aerospace, tooling and other industries.

The new wireless Freescan X5 + and X7 + systems can be booked from November 2018 onwards.