Hisense commercial cold chain C debut | Focus on fresh food consumption upgrade

On September 5th, the Hisense Commercial Cold Chain 4.0 Solution Conference and Strategic Partner Exchange Conference on the theme of 'Innovative Technology and Experience the Future' was held in Qingdao. Leaders and experts from industry institutions, research institutes, and Hisense regions. Nearly 100 professionals, including partners, gathered together to exchange and discuss the current intelligent data marketing, cold chain goods and supply chain services, industry surveys and typical cases.

One thing, one core, the meaning of the Internet of Things

It is reported that this is the most professional exchange display platform in the industry, and it is also the product exhibition of 'Hisense commercial cold chain, let each degree have more temperature'. The Hisense commercial cold chain brings a full range of fist products to the show, the reporter visited the scene and found Unmanned retail products frequently grab the eye, attracting consumers to compete.

A Mr. Li, who just placed a Hisense vending machine on the scene, told the reporter, 'I see this product in Haixin because of its full open mode. Users can freely enter and exit the store, and can choose products freely. RFID and QR code payment labels, consumers can choose to shop and scan the code to complete the payment.

'Hisense cold chain from the cabinet manufacturing to the intelligent control system, and then to the software backstage have fully demonstrated the technical strength, manufacturing capacity and system integration capabilities of unmanned retail. 'Wu Party, Deputy General Manager of Qingdao Hisense Commercial Cold Chain Co., Ltd. Mr. Sheng told reporters that using RFID technology, Hisense can control the information from purchasing, storage, packaging, loading and unloading, transportation, distribution, sales to service, and the meaning of the Internet of Things is fully explained.

Just need a huge market brought by offline fresh consumption

With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for cold chain is getting higher and higher, people start to upgrade from eating to eating and eating fresh. Hisense commercial cold chain not only focuses on technology and products themselves, but also deeply needs the needs of community users. , the difference in the storage temperature of cold chain products is 'differentiated'.

Frozen food, meat, ice cream, etc. are frozen (-18 ° C ~ -22 ° C); fruits, vegetables, beverages, fresh milk products, flowers and seedlings, deli products, all kinds of cakes, various food ingredients, etc. to achieve refrigeration (0 ° C ~ 7 ° C); chocolate, candy, pharmaceuticals, chemical products, etc. to achieve constant temperature (18 ° C ~ 22 ° C).

The market demand under the trend of consumption upgrading has increased, and the high-frequency, just-in-demand offline consumption has brought a considerable market. The length of Hisense commercial cold chain products can be customized, and can be combined with single or multiple combinations, and more remotely. The intelligent controllable system can control the temperature in real time, which perfectly meets the market demand.

Personalized needs of different customers

With the rising living standards of our residents, the demand for cold chain foods has also increased greatly. According to the statistics of the China Electronic Commerce Research Center, the size of China's fresh e-commerce market in 2014 was about 22.5 billion. Nielsen also predicted that China will be fresh in the next three years. The e-commerce market will show rapid explosive growth, which is expected to exceed 100 billion in 2017 and reach a peak of 150 billion in 2018.

Although the overall size of China's commercial cold chain market is on the rise, the growth rate of China's commercial cold chain supply has declined slightly in 2014, mainly due to the decline in the supply of related products such as commercial refrigerators. Grasping the cold chain of agricultural products, cold chain of food, cold The market demand for chain logistics grew rapidly. Hisense Home Appliances Group expanded its business, subdivided the refrigerator company business into the home and business sectors, and established Qingdao Hisense Commercial Cold Chain Co., Ltd.

The main products produced and operated include Hisense IoT cold chain asset management cloud platform Smart-Hicool, medical cold chain system solutions, low temperature ultra-low temperature storage equipment, commercial display cabinets, commercial super display cabinets, vending machines, etc. High-end technology, such as commercial retail, scientific research institutions, health sites, cold chain logistics, etc., to meet the individual needs of different customers.