New products in advance in September: Shuaikang Kitchen will re-show black technology

Following the stunning appearance of the Shanghai Kitchen and Bath Show Shuaikang kitchen electric appliance in June, Shuaikang Kitchen Electric has exploded in September. As a senior brand in China's kitchen and bathroom electrical industry, Shuaikang has 35 years of brand history, deep brand accumulation and technological strength. It also made Shuaikang's new product launch conference attract the attention of the industry.

It is reported that the theme of Shuaikang's conference is 'Ingenuity. Shuaikang', which will be held in Beijing on September 19. Many people in the industry are speculating about how Shuaikang will release new products on September 19.

Judging from the latest screen of the Shuaikang conference, the 'Ingenuity. Shuaikang' will be released on the scene, Shuaikang will release new products, one of which is a new style of hood, which means that Shuaik will bring a range hood. The new product is stunningly unveiled.

In fact, in March of this year, Shuaikang also released a new turbocharged range hood. Shuaikang turbocharged range hood, not only has an innovative logarithmic spiral acceleration system 2.0T, with independent research and development of high-efficiency original motor The foundation, the fusion of innovative turbocharging technology, through the 360 ‚Äč‚Äčaccelerator, three-stage propulsion lift hood suction and discharge speed, with 27m3 / min large air volume and 490pa wind pressure good effect, truly achieve intelligent fast suction, human smoke isolation.

In addition, in terms of intelligence and detail design, Shuaikang turbocharged range hood is also very good, its patented Tissot network, adaptive ventilation, smoke stove linkage, 5S maintenance and other black technology, further enhance the comfort and convenience of cooking. Give consumers an unparalleled kitchen experience.

In the kitchen appliance industry for 35 years, the Shuaikang brand, which masters the core technology, has always been able to accurately understand consumer demand, creative thinking and subversive creativity, and uniquely create high-end kitchen appliances that integrate fashion technology and application functions.

The 9.19 'Ingenuity. Shuaikang' conference, what kind of cross-world new products will Shuaikang bring, and what kind of surprises will it bring to consumers? Let us wait and see.