Casa Di's two free embedded new refrigerators are listed on the market

On September 8th, Casa Di Tiancheng free-embedded refrigerator, freely embedded in the Ding-style refrigerator, two new products launched in the country, through the creation of natural raw, natural aesthetics, natural experience for the user, let the food life return to the original, and 'free embedded The design plan opened the way for the refrigerator industry to move towards home improvement integration.

With the prevalence of home kitchen integration concepts, embedded refrigerators have become the first choice for more and more high-end homes. However, there are usually two short boards in the market for embedded refrigerators, namely size problems and heat dissipation problems. The refrigerator should be protected from heat and moisture, and must be separated from the water tank and the gas stove. This places demands on the kitchen area, the home decoration pattern and the size of the embedded cabinet. Many users lack the detailed understanding of these sizes and are waiting to buy the refrigerator. After I found out that I could not install it, I could only force the change of the home decoration pattern or return the goods. In terms of heat dissipation, the traditional refrigerator has two sides of heat dissipation, and the back side heats two ways. The embedded refrigerator mostly uses the bottom of the refrigerator and the top plate to dissipate heat, and most of the users Because I don't know the cooling method of the refrigerator, there is no reserved heat dissipation space in advance, which makes installation difficult.

Casa Di's two new refrigerators, the industry's first 'free embedding' design solution, solves all kinds of pain points from installation to use. The new refrigerator compresses the box depth to 61cm, and the general household cabinets The width of the table is quite the same; the panel is designed with a golden curvature of 19 degrees, and the edge of the door is only 5cm, which can be perfectly integrated with the home; when the refrigerator doors on both sides are opened to 90° at the same time, the internal drawer can be completely pulled out without affecting the normal use; The patented technology of thermal radiation is leading the industry, achieving the industry's minimum cooling margin of 2cm. Not only that, but the two new refrigerators also realize the natural aesthetics from the design level. The interior of the refrigerator is 270° full-curved light source to open the whole refrigerated space up and down, cantilever rack Let the limited space view open; realize the natural experience from the interactive level, equipped with TFT integrated display interactive screen, the door opening method is also upgraded from traditional hand-drawn to touch.

Specific to the core of the preservation technology level, the two new products have their own merits. Casa Di Tiancheng free embedded refrigerator equipped with MSA oxygen preservation technology, by adjusting the proportion of nitrogen and oxygen, reducing the consumption of nutrients by the respiration of the ingredients, thereby extending the cells of the ingredients Metabolism, effectively delaying food oxidation from the root; freely embedded in the Ding-style refrigerator equipped with a 360° constant temperature fresh-keeping compartment, so that the internal temperature fluctuation of the refrigerator is controlled at ±0.2 °C, realizing the 'natural raw fresh' of the ingredients.

Relevant experts predict that due to factors such as the sharp fall in the real estate market, the refrigerator market will face more pressure in the second half of this year. And Casa Di has developed the free-built refrigerator and free of charge under the guidance of the concept of 'personal unity and one'. Embedded in the Ding refrigerator, opening up new directions and paths, is expected to drive the entire industry to continue to upgrade to the high end.