One | 'Comfort thermostat' | How is the water heater made?

People who have been working for a day, going home to take a comfortable hot bath will definitely relieve most of the fatigue. However, it is really easy to take a comfortable hot bath, especially the hot and cold water temperature. The most headache is.

Ordinary gas water heaters often have a vacuum period after boiling water. The cold water in the pipeline must be drained to allow normal bathing. If the water is switched in the middle of the bath, there will be a phenomenon of cold and heat, and it will affect the bathing experience. So, what kind of technology does a gas water heater need in order to allow users to enjoy a comfortable and constant temperature bath?

The ability to rate the future series of gas water heaters, using the mature PRO-TEC dual-heat control technology in Japan, controls the overall amount of hot water through the hot water server located at the water outlet. When the outlet water temperature is too low, the water volume is reduced; When the temperature is too high, the water volume is increased, and the overall effective temperature control effect of 'warm winter, summer not hot' is achieved.

In addition to constant temperature bathing, many friends also like cold water bath. In this regard, the energy design of '32 °C micro-flame burning technology', the minimum heat load is only 2.7KW, the water temperature is lower than most gas water heaters on the market, so like cold water Bath friends are no longer guilty.

And 18 sections of multi-speed water temperature adjustment, different family members bath or kitchen water can enjoy the temperature you want, with the voice broadcast function, the whole family can relax, comfortable control and bathing.

In order to verify the above technology and design, Qizheng also carried out continuous switching water and multi-outlet constant temperature experiments on the future series of gas water heaters. The results also verified the excellent performance of the machine in precise temperature control and stable constant temperature.

Energy rate evaluation of future series of gas water heaters

After disassembling and thermostatic experiments, it can be said that the future series of gas water heaters is indeed a good quality gas water heater. In terms of design, the compact body of only 500 mm height is suitable for installation in small spaces, champagne gold appearance, also Very consistent with the mainstream aesthetic of the current Chinese consumers.

If you want to buy a gas water heater, the future series of gas water heaters should be a great choice.