Haier Clothing Network | 'Factory Store' | Scenes Appeared in Jiangsu Clothing Festival

From September 7th to 9th, the 20th Jiangsu International Fashion Festival was held at the Nanjing International Expo Center. At the exhibition site, Haier Clothing Network set up 'WE to the factory', 'WE to the store', 'WE to the home' The large application scenario, that is, the factory store. At the factory end, the clothing enterprise improves the delivery efficiency and reduces the labor cost based on the Internet of Things technology; at the store, the clothing brand can follow the sales data through the RFID chip, and can further follow the region. The user's purchase demand interactively customizes the main push style and the popular product; on the home side, the user can enjoy the whole process experience of washing, protecting, storing, taking, and purchasing.

In the 'WE Home' scene at the exhibition site, Haier smart washing machine, children's smart wardrobe, ironing machine and other network products collectively unveiled, attracting the attention and experience of many users. A user came to Haier smart washing machine, Put a silk scarf into the washing machine. The washing machine intelligently identifies the material of the clothes. The material is silk, can not be washed, and the air washing program is recommended. The user can start washing with one button. In addition to washing, there is also Haier Children's Intelligence. The wardrobe provides services such as dehumidification and drying of clothes, and the ironing machine provides services such as wrinkle removal and sterilization.

In the 'WE to factory' experience environment, Haier Internet of Things will extend the Internet of Things technology to the entire industry chain of smart traceability, intelligent manufacturing, and open up the upstream and downstream links of the clothing network ecosystem to meet the needs of manufacturers and stores. .

As the largest province in China's textile industry, Jiangsu is also one of the provinces with the most clothing brand resources. In March this year, Haier Clothing Network reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Jiangsu Garment Association. The two sides will jointly promote RFID technology through field visits and technology sharing. Application in the apparel industry and the development of uniform care standards in the industry.

Under the 'one person in one' management model, Haier took the lead in opening the ecological brand building in the Internet of Things era. Among them, Haier Clothing Network is positioned in the world's first clothing network ecological brand, is the industrial Internet cloud platform of COSMOPlat in the field of clothing mass customization. Relying on the smart Internet appliances and Internet of Things technology of the Internet of Things, the company provides users with a smart washing experience throughout the process of washing, protecting, storing, taking, and purchasing.