With the rapid development of automobile market, China's auto parts industry chain has been gradually improved, has become one of the world's most important auto parts production countries, but the

China's automobile production and sales continued to stabilize the world first, the automobile market is hot, driving the rapid development of China's auto parts industry. According to the "2018 China auto parts Industry white paper" published by the New Thinking Industry research center, the production value of auto parts manufacturing in China accounted for about 40% of the total output of automobile industry since 2012. 2017, China's auto parts industry sales revenue of 3.7392 trillion yuan, an increase of 8.2% yoy.

China's Auto parts market scale development speed tends to stabilize. The total number of auto parts enterprises in China exceeds 10,000, and less than 6,000 enterprises, of which private enterprises occupy a larger proportion, is 49.25%. China's private auto parts enterprises most sales income under billion yuan, resulting in China's auto parts industry is too fragmented, the market competitiveness is insufficient.

China's automobile market is hot, and auto parts manufacturing technology is low, optimistic about the huge development prospects, foreign advanced enterprises quickly into the domestic market layout. At present, most of the international famous auto parts enterprises have entered the domestic market, China's auto parts enterprises accounted for 22.2% of the proportion. Foreign-funded enterprises, technical strength, the number of enterprises accounted for a relatively small, but the market share accounted for a larger, reaching more than 70%. In the automotive electronics and engine and other core components, foreign market share is more than 90%.

China's domestic enterprises in the automotive parts of the high-end market competitiveness is seriously inadequate. Automobile industry is an important pillar industry of national economy, auto parts industry is the precondition and foundation of sustaining steady development of automobile industry, the rapid development of China's automobile market and the entry of foreign advanced enterprises, these factors have promoted the steady development of domestic auto parts technology.

But China's auto parts industry is still in the growth period, compared with the international advanced technology still has a large gap, the future still has a lot of room for improvement. With the continuous improvement of the industrial chain, China has become an important part of the global auto industry supply system, which occupies a more and more important position in the global automobile matching market, becoming one of the most major auto parts manufacturing and exporting countries in the world.

China's auto parts are mainly exported to the United States, Japan, the European Union and other countries and regions, and gradually to Latin America and other emerging markets. In the 2011-2014, the export of auto parts in China showed a trend of increasing. By the global economic downturn and the impact of trade barriers, China's auto parts market in 2015 negative growth. Signs of recovery were seen in 2016, with exports rising 4.29% from a year earlier, with a cumulative export value of $64.573 billion. In 2017, exports declined slightly by 1.23%, with a cumulative export value of $63.778 billion.

The export of auto parts is affected by the international political and economic environment greatly. New thinking industry analysts said that China's auto parts industry started late, compared with the whole vehicle market, the development rate is slower. The domestic automobile market is hot, attracting many foreign-funded enterprises to enter the layout, China's local companies compared with foreign companies, technology and innovation capacity is weak, in the core parts of the field of serious lack of competitiveness, the future still has a huge space for improvement.