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Since the development of smart phones, mobile phone life is still one of the important factors that many users pay attention to. However, due to the technical limitations of the battery itself, the most direct and effective way to improve the battery life is to increase the battery capacity. In this way, a large-capacity battery phone is very necessary for many users, especially some heavy-duty users. Today, Sina mobile phone introduces several large battery long-life mobile phones, the batteries of these models The capacity is above 4000mAh, and friends who have recently purchased the machine may wish to refer to it.

Xiaomi Max 3 (parameters quote forum software)

Reference price: 1699 yuan

On July 19th, Xiaomi Company released the 'big screen big power' Max series new generation mobile phone millet Max 3. Xiaomi Max 3 built-in 5500mAh charging treasure super large capacity battery, is the largest battery capacity of Xiaomi mobile phone. In order to be able to meet 5500mAh Charging demand for electricity, Xiaomi Max3 supports 9V2A QC 3.0 fast charging, built-in dual parallel charging technology, charging efficiency is improved, and heat dissipation is more uniform. In addition, Xiaomi Max3 also upgrades the reverse of the previous generation 'Jianghu Emergency' Charging function, the charging specification is upgraded to 5V/1.2A, with twice the reverse charging performance of the previous generation, which can quickly charge other electronic devices.

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The millet Max 3 is designed with a full metal body. It is equipped with a 6.9-inch 18:9 full screen with a resolution of 2160×1080 and a screen ratio of 85.19%. It uses the Snapdragon 636 processor with 4GB of memory and 64GB of storage. Support rear fingerprint recognition. Xiaomi Max 3 built-in 5500mAh charging treasure-class ultra-large capacity battery, is currently the largest battery capacity of Xiaomi mobile phone. Support QC 3.0 fast charge, and dual parallel charging technology, higher charging efficiency, more uniform heat dissipation. The reverse charging function of Max 3 has also been upgraded. The charging specification is 5V/1.2A twice that of the previous generation. Charging the iPhone can achieve the charging effect of the original charger.

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Xiaomi Max 3 is equipped with a front-facing 8 million soft-light self-timer lens, dreamy background blur, support AI face recognition, unlock more quickly and safely. Rear 12 million + 5 million AI dual camera, 1.4μm large pixel + 2PD dual core speed Focusing, dark backlighting is better. AI camera is equipped with AI portrait mode, scene camera, intelligent recognition and other functions. In addition, Xiaomi Max 3 supports AI intelligent voice assistant, one-click solution to complex operation problems of mobile phones.

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