KAWECO ART series art pen

The KAWECO ART series of art pens are limited to a maximum of 1,000 pieces worldwide. Due to the special manufacturing techniques, each pen has a unique pattern texture. You can't find two identical Kaweco art pens!

The artistic pen has a comfortable grip and soft touch. The pen body is made of acrylic material from Italy. The high-strength nature of acrylic makes the pen under pressure to protect the pen tip when it falls. The nib is not vulnerable to shock damage. At the same time, the lightweight properties of acrylic let The weight of the pen is lighter than that of the metal pen, and it is not easy to use it even if it is used for a long time.
In addition, the melting point of acrylic is 160 ° C, the melting point of celluloid is about 80 ° C, acrylic has a good texture of celluloid but higher melting point, more safe and reliable than celluloid. The special manufacturing process makes the production failure rate of art pen very High, every artistic pen that successfully enters the sales process is a valuable art work.
Whether it's material, color or texture, the art pen is full of retro and gorgeous atmosphere, which is very collectible. If you are a pen collector, the charming Kaweco art series must be a collection you can't miss.

▲Green Marble ( METALLIC GREEN )

▲ Tiger Eye Stone (TIGER EYE)

Gold nib / silver nib optional


The art series pens need you to look deeply to feel their true beauty. The turquoise models will show a radiant look under the light. The tiger eye stone has a golden brilliance between amber and black.

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