Ipluso (Italian) City Series Fountain Pen - Suzhou

Suzhou, writing Jiangnan dreams, rain, mountains and lakes, hometown and love.
Italian city series fountain pen - Suzhou

Chinese Valentine's Day

In the early morning after the showers in the south of the Yangtze River, the vegetation was stained with fog and mist; the air on the lakeside of Suzhou was especially clean, the garden was quiet, and there was a hint of Jiangnan smoke and rain in the breath.

Azure, etc.
It is rumored that if the craftsman wants to produce a soft azure color, he has to wait for a heavy rain, and then wait for the rain to pass through the clear clouds, and then the porcelain will be baked, and the azure color will be burned out.

And I am waiting for you
It is rumored that the Cowherd and the Fairy fell in love, but they were opposed by the Queen Mother. But their loyal love and affection moved the magpies, and thousands of magpies flew around the seventh night of the year to build a bridge to let them meet.

Write a beautiful love letter
The city series pens adopt German imported pen tip, and the writing thickness is two choices. The ink is smooth and smooth; the pen body is fashionable and contrasted, the Taiwan paint process makes the pen full of texture, and you can write a beautiful good word for you.

Send a love confession
During the Tanabata Festival, a special DIY greeting card with a limited edition of Suzhou is presented, which depicts the beautiful scenery of the Suzhou garden. Like these literati, write the words of blessings and confession to the loved ones.

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