You can get the TO NOTE book, the notebook can still be played like this!

In the busy work, I always want to go out and relax. I can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. The problem is that the tickets, tickets and other bills will gradually accumulate, and I don’t want to lose it. But there is nowhere to put it. Specially buy a storage box but can't record the play experience, even if it is placed in the album, the length will be limited. You can get the latest TO NOTE mushroom hole series, to achieve any ticket Storage, let you be amazing to the original notebook can still play like this!

New TO NOTE experience
Everyone wants to have their own personality, even ordinary notebooks hope to add their own content. You can launch the TO NOTE series according to this trend.
TO is derived from the shape of 'hole' and 'ring'. In addition to the meaning of 'notes', TO NOTE also stands for 'TO KNOW', understanding the situation and process of things, understanding people's personalities and hobbies, Satisfy the popular thoughts and the inner experience of pursuing freedom and freedom. Follow the trend, pursue freedom and casualness, meet the requirements of different people, TO NOTE can not share expectations.

TO NOTE notebook
In addition to professional business applications, notebooks should also meet the hobbies and needs of life records. The excellent TO NOTE series features a special mushroom hole shape, easy to pull pages or add pages, you can easily create your own unique notebook.
TO NOTE notebook internal page version has four choices of square, horizontal, dot and blank, and each has three color covers and five sizes to meet different choices. TO NOTE notebook features: 1. Can be rearranged, Free addition and subtraction of pages, good combination; 2. Can be matched with different inner pages according to personal preferences; 3. The whole book can be folded 360 degrees. It can achieve free and easy, so that the notebook is no longer so boring.

Want to achieve the DIY, the existing mushroom hole book is obviously not enough to satisfy people's ideas. A mushroom hole artifact - TO NOTE punching machine, to help you solve the wish to punch into a book.
TO NOTE Punch machine is available in two colors. It can print up to 12 holes at a time. Any size paper can be punched. With the positioning ruler, you can determine the position where you need to punch. TO NOTE Punch use: First adjust Set the paper size, then put the paper in, do press down the hole, and finally take out the paper. This punch is used as an auxiliary tool for the TO NOTE notebook, and it is a hole in the shape of the mushroom hole, so that any Paper becomes TO NOTE paper. Any combination of photos, newspapers, magazines, 3*5 cards and more, to create your own unique notebook storage book.

TO NOTE Fixture & Binding Ring
To form a complete TO NOTE notebook, you must have the participation of these small parts - TO NOTE and TO NOTE binding ring. The binding ring is matched with the fixture, plus any paper you want to staple. The method of use is as follows: 1. First put the ring into the jig; 2. Insert the bottom cover into the ring; 3. Insert the inner page into the ring; 4. Cover the ring; 5. Remove the jig. Use bookmarks or gauges, the binding ring can be matched with the number and color. A variety of functions, a variety of choices, make your notebook more distinctive.

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