Reading: Why are so many notebooks loaded with arrogant memory? After reading the second understand | Why are so many notebooks loaded with arrogant memory?

When we buy a new machine, we usually check the configuration of the computer in detail. Most people also know that buying a notebook definitely buys a model with a solid-state hard disk, because when the computer has a solid-state hard disk, its boot speed will become very fast.

However, you may also find a trend, whether it is a high-end game or a business book, there are a lot of models have canceled the 'SSD solid state drive', replaced by a 'proud memory' we have not seen. Solid state drive If you don't need such a good thing, you should use arrogance. What is this?

A large number of arrogant memory notebooks (Jingdong Mall)

Raytheon new 911 arrogance version (Jingdong Mall)

Is this arrogant memory really capable of replacing hundreds of G or even a few T SSDs? Let us analyze it rationally.

What is arrogant memory?

First let us briefly understand the role and principle of the arrogant memory.

AoTeng memory is a new product launched by Intel last April. It is a cache device based on 3D XPointTM technology. After binding the arrogant memory to a mechanical hard disk, you can accelerate the mechanical hard disk to improve the system's response speed.

According to the official description, Proud memory can increase the speed of 5.8 times to start email, 67% of the game loading speed and 4.1 times the opening speed of large media files.

At the same time, the official also gave a very appropriate 'work relationship diagram', they compared the process of computer storage to the process of worker handling (storage): CPU is the contractor, memory is the porter, mechanical hard disk / solid state The hard disk is the medium for storing goods.

From the above picture, there are two ways to store in the traditional era:

1. Warehouse (mechanical hard disk) - porter (memory) - contractor (CPU)

Because of the warehouse (mechanical hard disk) itself is very limited , can only stay in place and wait for the workers to carry the goods in, so Eventually, the overall work efficiency is extremely low.

2. Truck (Solid State Drive) - Porter (Memory) - Contractor (CPU)

and When the storage medium is changed to a truck (solid state hard disk)In the future, although its conditions are far superior to warehouses (mechanical hard drives), it can improve overall efficiency, but Due to its small capacity and high cost, it has not been widely used for a long time.

In the 'mechanized management era', a new way of storing the small trucks (Ao Teng memory) into the workflow was born:

Warehouse (mechanical hard disk) - minivan (Ao Teng memory) - porter (memory) - contractor (CPU)

Although this model is close to the first method of the traditional era, the same storage medium as the warehouse (mechanical hard disk) is also used, but When the porter (memory) has a small, fast and fuel-efficient truck (Ao Teng memory) The final storage efficiency will be greatly improved. This storage method solves a series of problems such as slow efficiency, small capacity, and high cost, which is perfect.

In terms of actual experience, we can also see through the actual test of the ThinkPad T480 AoTeng version (the model has no SSD solid state drive): After the AoTeng memory is turned on, the read/write speed of the hard disk, the boot speed of the computer, the software startup Speed, game loading speed has been greatly improved. In short, even if there is no SSD on my laptop, AoTeng memory can make a whole large-capacity mechanical hard drive as fast as SSD, that is, proud Teng let me spend less money but experienced the experience of large-capacity SSD solid state drives.

Hard disk read speed comparison

Boot speed comparison

Software startup speed comparison

Game loading speed comparison

A tool to improve cost performance

Seeing this, everyone may still be thinking about a problem: Even if you say it well, I still don't feel much, because it is too empty to experience this kind of thing, there is no practical thing, let me instantly on the powder What about the arrogant notebook?

I would like to say that, apart from what we said above, the prices of some of the current arrogant models do have certain advantages, and they are real gold and silver discounts.

Let's take a look at the Jingdong page (the comparison chart is the same e-commerce platform, at the same time, the same model, the same model, the same color, with the CPU, with the memory, with the graphics card, different storage).

1.HP Star Series 14:

Ao Teng Edition: 14-inch thin and light notebook (i5-8250U, 8G memory, 16G AoTeng AoTeng system accelerator +1TB mechanical hard disk, MX150 2G alone, FHD IPS, Win10) price 4999 yuan.

Solid state + mechanical version: 14-inch thin and light notebook (i5-8250U, 8G memory, 128G solid state +1TB mechanical hard drive, MX150 2G alone, FHD IPS, Win10) price 5299 yuan.

The configuration is almost the same, only the difference in the storage method, the price of the Ao Teng version is nearly 300 yuan, it is good.

2.Dell DELL Tour G3 Flame Edition

Ao Teng Edition: 15.6-inch game notebook (i7-8750H, 8G memory, 16G AoTeng flash + 1T mechanical hard drive, GTX1050Ti 4G alone, FHD IPS, Win10) Price: 6799 yuan

Mechanical hard drive + solid state drive: 15.6-inch game notebook (i7-8750H, 8G memory, 128G solid state drive +1T mechanical hard drive, GTX1050Ti 4G alone, FHD IPS, Win10) Price: 6999 yuan

Dell DELL Tour G3 Flame Edition The arrogant version is 200 yuan cheaper than the SSD+ mechanical hard disk version.

Overall, CPU and other configurations of the same notebook, the arrogant version of the machine will be hundreds of dollars cheaper than the mechanical hard drive + solid state drive, the price is indeed more prominent.

Even for the ultimate experience

AoTeng memory and SSD are not in conflict. For example, MSI GE73 has a configuration model equipped with SSD solid state drive + mechanical hard disk + 16G AoTeng memory. I think the role of arrogant memory on this machine is not only for Improve the price/performance ratio, and more is set for the user to enhance the ultimate experience (accelerate the mechanical hard disk to improve the reading speed of the game inside the mechanical hard disk).

MSI (GEI) GE73 8RF-431CN

Game book (i7-8750H 8GB*2, 16G AoTeng accelerator, 1T+256GSSD, GTX1070 8G, RGB, 120Hz 3ms 17.3 inch screen) price 15989 yuan.

This model is equipped with a very fast SSD solid state drive, and is equipped with an AoTang memory for high-capacity mechanical hard disk acceleration, which is equivalent to equipped with a super fast SSD solid state drive + 1 large capacity SSD Solid-state hard drive, the game experience is definitely better than the general solid-state + mechanical hard drive game.

At this point, everyone should understand why more and more notebook manufacturers are happy to choose the arrogant memory, which can not only make users spend less, but also let users enjoy a better experience. Why not?