Against the trend, up 74% of the high-end share | Casa Di air wash out | 'User story book'

'So good products must let everyone know, let all the people who use the tenths of the air to wash the washing machine. 'In a store in Shiyan, Hubei, the TV reporter became a special 'experience official' in the air. Recently, Casa Di launched the '100 precious air washes - looking for the air wash experience officer' activities, after achieving free care of 10 million clothes, continued fermentation, precipitation community interaction user stories.

According to Zhongyikang data, the overall industry sales in the first half of 2018 increased by 9.9% year-on-year. In this context, the Casa Di drum washing machine has a share of nearly 74% in the price range of over 10,000 yuan, which is a contrarian increase.

55 years of cloak, 25 years of wedding dress... 'Cassie Storybook' in the washing machine

Recently, the Casa Di Air Wash, which was exclusively interviewed by the TV station, became the focus of a shopping mall in Shiyan. On August 27th, Shiyan TV reporter wanted to briefly interview Casa Di Air Wash. At the scene, the reporter was covered by many air-washed clothes. As well as the household visit to the roster, I decided to make an exclusive interview for Casa Di Air Wash. On September 3, the TV reporter once again came to the scene to experience the air wash.

It is understood that Casa Di launched this community interaction activity, aiming to find the elites who pursue the quality of clothing care, to provide them with a full range of high-end toiletries experience, and to establish a 'temperature interaction' with zero distance. Currently, 55 years of silk cloak, 25 years of wedding dress... Casa Di air wash is 'washing' a user story book.

- 55 years of silk cloak, able to pass on the granddaughter. 55 years ago, the mother sewed a cloak for her daughter, but because the silk fabric is easy to hook, easy to fold and difficult to care for dust, 55 years later this cloak because of Casa The emperor was able to pass on his granddaughter.

—— 37 years of cashmere coat, reappearing after dusty. A dusty 37 years of clothing, because of the special fabric for 37 years, Ms. B has been afraid to wash. Today, Casa Di air wash high temperature mites, strong wind dust, cashmere coat soft Smooth as ever.

——25 years of wedding dress, once again witnessed love. 25 years ago, a young doctor spent his savings to buy a favorite wedding dress for his wife, because the lace material is delicate, the skirt has not been well treated; After 25 years, the wife used Casa Di air to wash the love of two people to renew their love.

——5 years of fur coat, let filial piety always have temperature. In 2013, the grandson of filial piety bought a mink coat for grandfather with the year-end award. Because he didn’t understand the nursing, the machine wash once caused the damage to the velvet. The damaged velvet coat becomes soft and smooth under the care of micro-vapor molecules.

Against the trend, 74% high share... Casa Di's social economy realized

According to statistics, as of the current air-washing free experience activities launched by Casa Di in major shopping malls across the country, 10 million pieces of high-end fabrics have been cleaned for users. The care effect has made Casa Di gain the dual recognition of the market and users.

In the first half of 2018, the sales volume of washing machines increased by 9.9% year-on-year, while the sales volume showed a slow growth, up 0.68% year-on-year. The two data of Zhongyikang reflected the 'quantity drop of the washing machine industry'. Industry insiders pointed out that this is related to industry transformation. At the high end, the overall average price is directly related. The data shows that the average price of the washing machine industry in January-May increased by 7.6% year-on-year.

The washing machine industry is gradually coming out of the painful period of structural adjustment, accelerating the speed of high-end transformation. The semi-annual report shows that the market performance of Casa Di in the first half of the year is bright, and the drum washing machine has a 74% share in the market above 10,000 yuan. In addition, Zhongyikang data shows that Casa Di air-washing products have gained 75% of the price range of more than 10,000 yuan in 1-32 weeks, and the high-end market share continues to lead.

"White Paper on Washing Machine Industry in 2018" shows that in the future, washing machine consumption will enter the era of scene segmentation. A traditional washing machine will not meet the needs of home care. The combination of washing machine + dryer + mini washing machine will become the standard for washing, among them, Washing machine + dryer to meet daily care needs, mini washing machine to solve underwear, baby and other special care needs.

In this regard, Casa Di formed a high-end care ecosystem including Gemini's washing machine, fiber-seeking, fiber-washing combination and air washing, to meet the needs of users for multi-scene care. Under the high-end care ecosystem, Casa Di provides global users with comprehensive cleaning solutions such as classified washing, air washing, washing and drying, and at the same time driving the industry to accelerate and deepen the pace of high-end transformation.