OPPO R17 photo experience: AI helps easily make a big shot

This year's mobile phone camera can be said that after the maturity of the dual-camera technology, another qualitative leap, in addition to the larger CMOS, more important is the addition of AI technology. This year, in addition to the mobile phone full screen baptism, but also mobile AI technology A big inflection point, AI technology can be said to greatly enhance the mobile phone experience, in addition to the daily use of similar butlers, online game back-end system resource optimization, the addition of AI technology has also made the mobile phone camera effect even more improved, this year's In the camera phone, OPPO R17 performs better.

The quality of the underlying hardware determines the decent photo performance

The OPPO R17 camera can be said to refresh the hardware and software level of the R series again. The rear main camera is the Sony IMX519 CMOS. The number of pixels is 16 million, and the single pixel size is 1.22μm compared to the previous generation sensor IMX 398 ( For the R11 series, the larger CMOS size has better photo quality, and it has excellent anti-noise and sensitivity. Therefore, from the hardware point of view, the R17 has obvious advantages in night scenes. In addition, the rear The maximum aperture of the double shot is f/1.7, which determines that the R17 has a large amount of light and a softer and more natural blur effect.

AI smart scene is rich, fast recognition

Compared with the previous generation of AI camera phones, the new R17 has advantages in ISP upgrade and AI algorithm. OPPO R17 can identify 21 independent scenes and 800 scene combinations, making OPPO R17 more foolproof. It is easier for users to take good photos.

In this photo experience, the R17 is responsive to intelligent recognition. For example, under portrait recognition, the baby can be identified and the child's face is locked during the photo, even if it is a good baby. It can also be quickly tracked for easy capture.

For example, after close proximity to the subject, the OPPO R17 intelligently recognizes the macro scene, and then automatically turns on the large aperture blur mode. From the sample, you can see that the scenes after the flower are blurred, and the flares are soft. At the same time, the edge of the subject being photographed is too natural and clear.

The most important thing about AI camera is to give the user an experience improvement. In the scene of automatic optimization of mobile phone, you can think more about composition when taking photos. In addition to traditional mobile phone photos, you have to manually select different modes in different scenarios. The trouble, this experience, is also the convenience that most cameras can't provide at present, so the R17 is more suitable for ordinary users to pick up and take good-looking photos.

Not only the night scenes are stunning, the daylight, the backlight, the scenery is equally good

With a larger CMOS as the hardware foundation, coupled with the mature and convenient AI tuning, in this sample shooting, you can see the excellent performance of the R17 in the night scene, the photo can still maintain the right while lifting the brightness of the dark part. The control of noise is actually that the halo of the streetlights at night also controls the emission of light. At the same time, the smear of the dark part of the picture is obviously weaker than that of the previous generation. The overall night scene is transparent.

The night scene is excellent, and the natural daytime performance will not fall behind. Especially in the backlight scene, even if it is facing the sun, it can clearly capture the blue sky and white clouds, while the building facing away from the sun, the dark part is not only bright, but the material details remain intact. In general, the proofs of the day are quite pleasing to the masses in terms of color, and the second-bright light also makes the photos look cleaner.

Summary: This R17 photo experience can clearly feel the better camera experience brought by AI photos, and there are also obvious improvements in the quality of the picture quality, it seems that you can feel the watershed of a camera phone.