Entanglement from the square inch | Why is the Meizu 16th feel good?

The release of Meizu 16th once again brought Meizu’s obsessive attention to the topic of mobile phone touch. The Meizu MX3 can be used to make the mobile phone feel to the extreme, created by Huang Zhang. After many modifications, it created a The best mobile phone feels. Now Huang Zhang is out again. After Meizu’s 15 small test knives, the Meizu 16th flagship has finally been released, and the Meizu 16th series has continued many excellent designs of Meizu. The feel is also very good. From the five aspects of material, R angle, phone thickness, phone width, weight, the following Meizu 16th.


▲ Meizu 16th uses glass back cover

In terms of materials, Meizu 16th adopts the popular glass body design. First of all, from the perspective of aesthetics, the glass material is more beautiful than the metal material. The unique reflective properties of the glass material bring better color value, for the polishing treatment, Glass is easier to process than metal. In addition, glass material processing is more difficult. Like the Meizu 16th, for the design of the demanding mobile phone, the back cover is more difficult to process, but the effect is better than the metal body. Of course, the physical properties of the glass material itself, coupled with polishing and polishing, make the Meizu 16th back cover have a ceramic feel, bringing a feeling of warm and jade, which is also a great advantage of glass material.

R angle

▲ Meizu 16th uses a rounded R angle design

The sleek R-angle has been adopted by the Meizu mobile phone. For the mobile phone R-angle Meizu has its own insistence, from the Meizu MX3 Huang Zhang personally made the wooden hand version can know Meizu's insistence on the design. Meizu 16th official Propaganda did not mention too much about design, but Meizu 16th also made a lot of effort in design, after all, this is also a product that Huang Zhang personally led.

▲ Meizu 16th smooth lines on the back

The four R-angles of the mobile phone are important fulcrums for the user to touch the mobile phone when holding the mobile phone. The impact on the mobile phone is very large. The sleek R-angle design tends to bring better aesthetics, and the hand feel of the mobile phone becomes Better. Meizu 16th's R-angle design is indeed a bit of Meizu MX3 feeling, the glass and the arc of the middle frame have also been adjusted hundreds of times, so that the convergence is smooth, the arc of the back shell continues the Meizu's consistent 'super-class feel ', it is amazing to get started.

Phone thickness

▲ Meizu 16th thickness is only 7.4mm

Meizu through a more compact motherboard stack design, custom screen, the ultimate structural design, the phone is compressed to 7.4mm, 16th is also the thinnest screen fingerprint mobile phone. The thickness of the phone will also affect the feel, Meizu 16th thickness is only 7.4mm However, the thickness of many flagship mobile phones will exceed 7.5mm, and some will reach 8mm. Of course, the thinner mobile phone feels better. At present, the thickness between 7mm-8mm is also recognized as a better feel. Phone thickness.

Phone width

▲ Meizu 16th body width 73.2mm

Meizu 16th in the 6.01 inch size, 18:9 ratio, Meizu 16 73.2mm body width is already the narrowest mobile phone. Huang Zhang has the ultimate pursuit of mobile phone width, in the Meizu MX3 when Huang Zhang It means that the width of the mobile phone is no more than 72mm and can be accepted by most people. The width of the mobile phone of Meizu 16th is 73.2mm, which is slightly wider than 72mm. After all, Meizu 16th adopts the screen ratio of 18:9, and the hand feels very good.

Phone weight

▲ Meizu 16th weight is 152g

The weight will also affect the feel of the mobile phone. Imagine that a mobile phone is nearly half a catty, and the experience of getting started is very poor. The size and weight of the mobile phone will vary depending on the pressure generated by the opponent. If the mobile phone is small and heavy, get started. There will be a heavy feeling, the same weight of the phone size, the feeling of getting started will be different. Meizu 16th body weight is only 152g, and Meizu 16th is designed with glass design, it is very rare to achieve such weight, and At present, many mobile phones weigh more than 170g.

Meizu 16th's body size is 150.5 x 73.2 x 7.3mm, weight 152g, Meizu 16th's body has been relatively 'small', this weight is also very moderate, long-term holding will not be tired.

to sum up:

Meizu 16th continues the good feel of Meizu mobile phone, this time using glass material, bringing a ceramic-like mobile phone, plus good design plus proper control of thickness and weight, brings a superior mobile phone. Meizu 16th saw no The essence of 'MEIZU Design' is less, insisting on its own style design, not following the trend, bringing better mobile phones to users.