Article Error correction Who is more worth buying? Millet 69 yuan and 99 yuan wireless charging and dismantling comparison

Following the launch of the 99-yuan wireless charge in March this year, after six months, Xiaomi again shot, bringing 69 yuan wireless charger. This product undoubtedly provoked a price war, the industry or will face shuffle.

Today to bring to everyone is 99 yuan and 69 yuan Millet wireless charger Disassembly comparison, see what the difference between the two products. Xiaomi Wireless charger, this product is March 27 and Xiaomi first wireless rechargeable phone Xiaomi Mix 2S released together, the price of 99 yuan, support normal 5W/MI 7.5W fast charge two charging mode.

White on the body, with a PC case + silicone material. Xiaomi Wireless Charger (Universal Fast charge version), this product is released on September 3, the sale price of 69 yuan, support ordinary 5W/Xiaomi 7.5W/Apple 7.5W/Samsung 10W Four charging mode, than 99 yuan that model more than two models, more applicability.

She appearance, using aluminum alloy shell +pc panel material collocation.

One, Xiaomi wireless charger disassembly

Xiaomi Wireless Charger The front of the box does not have a word, the entire white box is only a product map. Product information on the back of the box is as follows, name: Xiaomi Wireless Charger, applicable model: Mi MIX 2S and Through (QI) certified products, product material: pc+ silicone, Manufacturer: Millet Communication Technology Co., Ltd., Manufacturer: Kunshan Lian-Tao Electronics Co., Ltd., model: MDY-09-EF, Input:


Unpacking items at a glance: Wireless charger * *, Quick Start Guide * *, after-sales service card * *, does not include power adapter and data cable.

Xiaomi Wireless Charger The entire surface is all white, no logo text, using the PC as the base material of the shell, and then through a similar two injection molding process on the surface cover a layer of thick silica gel, hand feel soft, mobile phone put up with a certain anti-skid effect will not drop.

Charging plate radius 47mm, thickness 12.44mm, using USB-C input interface, support 5V2A/9V2A input.

In turn, the bottom of the charger is glued to a circle of non-slip rubber pads to prevent the charger from slipping when it is used.

Bottom nameplate information.

A green LED is hidden on the side edge of the wireless charger to show the current charge status, the green light is lit up under normal charge, and the green flashes when the protection mode starts.

The Xiaomi wireless charger uses the upper and lower shell screw to tighten the way to close the lid, first the rubber anti-skid mat pry out can see the screw position.

4 Phillips screws out. Decomposition at a glance, the left is a PC bottom cover, the right is a pc+ silicone shell.

The PC bottom cover details section, the screw seat uses the reinforcing rib design.

All parts are installed to the bottom of the cover, the PCB below a whole piece of black is a metal thermal conductive block, heat evenly spread out to avoid the accumulation of high fever.

Top view of the cover assembly.

PCB Top view.

PCB screws with anti-loosening screw glue.

Translucent is the LED light guide, the following a black masking tape to avoid light leakage.

Sink-Type USB-C female, 4-pin through hole welding is very strong.

The metal heat dissipation block is fixed with the PCB screw and the clamp is further dismantled.

The metal heat dissipation block is separated from the face cover module.

The bottom of the face cover uses the 4+1 piece soft polymer thermal conductivity adhesive, the heat is evenly heated and then transmitted.

Take a knife to scrape the metal block, the charging head net found that aluminum material and then anodized.

Temperature probes are placed in the center of the online coil temperature measurement.

The coil welding point is full of high infiltration, flat side-injection SMD LED, temperature probe pad epoxy fixed treatment to avoid shock desoldering.

Look at the input, TVs protect the momentary overvoltage, and the common-mode inductor prevents interference.

The coil drive part, Vgsemi Vs3622ae, also can see Winbond 25x40cl, this is a flash ROM chip, perhaps later can follow the Qi version agreement update to upgrade the brush machine to support the updated protocol.

Adopt the US IDT IDTP9237 wireless charging scheme.

4 NPO capacitors, high-power guarantee.

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