The new issue of "Everyday" Spoiler: Galanz Internet refrigerator surprises you again and again

I bought a refrigerator, what do you want it to do for you? Refrigeration? Fresh food? No No No, In addition to frozen food, a good refrigerator must also be an online recipe, an online shopping platform, the center of the kitchen!

On September 9th, Hunan Satellite TV will broadcast the “Treasures on the Border” of “Everyday”, which is the most popular star in recent years. The “True Group” Luo Zhixiang, Zhou Jieqiong, Li Huan and CTO Men’s Team This period of guests came to the Tacheng area, which is known as the 'Xinjiang Ethnic Style Museum'. The Xinjiang cuisine produced by Galanz's series of fine electrical appliances made the guests unable to stop.

According to the photos of the scenes that flowed out, in the 'kitchen' built on the stage, a dark fridge was particularly eye-catching. The low-key luxury design, combined with the large screen on the refrigerator door, was impressive.

It is understood that this large refrigerator that will be unveiled in Hunan Satellite TV is Galanz's current high-end intelligent Internet eco-refrigerator 'ICE WORLD' (BCD-467WTDH), which can be connected to the refrigerator through Galanz 'G+ Smart Home' app, 21-inch smart screen For the unique appearance of this air conditioner and a strong gas field points a lot.

In fact, Galanz Internet refrigerator is not just as simple as connecting WIFI. ICE WORLD is the central product of Galanz G+ Smart Home, with 28 smart functions, accessing the Internet through PAD, comparing massive cloud data, and exporting healthy eating and matching solutions. Easily make food purchases and management through connected platforms.

In addition, this refrigerator has built-in four high-definition anti-frost, anti-fog camera, you can always grasp the food status on the PAD screen and mobile phone G+ smart home app, drag and drop the icon to set the shelf life of the food, to minimize the waste caused by expired deterioration. .

According to the introduction of Galanz Refrigeration Technology Director, Galanz ICEVORLD series of Internet refrigerators are the result of research and development by international first-class teams. From the design, space design, to food management, information interaction, home entertainment, online shopping, home security and other intelligent functions, all subverted People's traditional imagination of the refrigerator brings a new and intelligent experience to the global users.

Recently, 'Galanz 40th Anniversary Carnival-Million Persimmon Special Month' started, Galanz National Million Tomato Fans ushered in the biggest carnival of the year, including Galanz ICEVORLD Internet refrigerator and Galanz air conditioner, washing machine, broken machine and micro steaming And other high-end products together form a 'every day up star package'.

It is reported that only need to go to the Galanz air-conditioner refrigerator washing machine national store, Galanz official mall, Tmall official flagship store to buy a Galanz Internet refrigerator, you will receive Galanz high-end smart appliances package, including intelligent inverter air conditioner + intelligent variable frequency drum washing machine + intelligent light wave Furnace + smart oven, and Q6 micro-steaming machine + broken wall machine GZ-P08 and other combinations.

The golden autumn has arrived, the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day are coming one after another. I want to buy a full range of quality home appliances at the best price. Galanz 'Wanwan Yiyi Special Month' will be the best choice.

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