Auto parts must know: What qualities should be possessed by high-quality brake oil!

In daily life, brake fluid (brake oil) is a very important product that is most easily overlooked by the owner's friends. It is estimated that 99% of the owners do not know the brake oil, most know that the brake pads will wear, but not Know the existence and working principle of brake fluid.

Today we mainly tell you what qualities of quality brake oil are available?

Overall, high-quality brake fluids should have the following qualities:

High quality brake oil traits:

Low temperature fluidity is very good.

It has good rust resistance to various metals in the brake system and does not corrode various rubbers.

Long-term use without sediment.

The higher the boiling point, the better, the lower the evaporation.

Low temperature fluidity is very good

The physical form of the brake fluid is liquid, and it is possible for the liquid to freeze. This is especially noticeable in severe cold areas. If the brake fluid freezes in winter, the brakes will not step on, and the brakes will not stop or can not be braked at all.

The use of high-quality brake fluid is as sensitive and reliable as braking in cold weather, while the poor quality brake fluid has poor temperature performance and high freezing point. When the temperature is lower than 20 °C, solidification will occur, which greatly affects driving safety.

Generally, the brake fluid is highly corrosive, but the high-quality brake fluid greatly reduces the anti-corrosion rust resistance of various metals, which can prolong the life of the brake oil pump. If the inferior brake fluid is added, the metal will be corroded quickly, which will cause harm to the vehicle. .

After the use of high-quality brake fluid, the skin is seriously inflated and deformed. If the inferior brake fluid is used, the cup is easy to expand and deform, causing the vehicle to leak oil, turning over when braking, causing an accident.

The corrosiveness of the brake fluid depends on the raw material used. DOT3 and DOT4 are alcohol-based brake fluids, which have strong hygroscopicity. As the use time increases, the water content will increase continuously. For a long time, the precision parts in the brake pressure regulator will be rusted.

DOT5 type brake fluid has a higher boiling point, that is, the non-absorbent performance will be better, but because DOT5 type is a silicon-based brake fluid, it will cause strong damage to rubber parts such as rubber cups.

Therefore, the corrosion degree of metal and rubber parts should be considered when selecting brake fluid. Huitian brake fluid has excellent anti-rust, anti-corrosion and effective protection of braking system, and is widely used in Yutong, Shaanxi Auto, FAW. , Chery and other car manufacturers original factory supporting.

Long-term use without sediment

Brake fluid is used at high temperature for a long time. When the quality is unstable, it will thermally decompose and produce sediment, which also affects the braking performance.

The higher the boiling point, the better

The boiling point is not lower than 205 °C. When the car is driving for a long time, the temperature will be as high as several hundred degrees when driving at high speed or downhill. The temperature of the brake fluid rises as the temperature of the brake shoe increases, if the boiling point of the brake fluid is not high enough. The brake fluid vaporizes, generates bubbles, and the brakes are soft. It can't immediately achieve the purpose of braking, and it can't guarantee the safety of driving.