Society in the development, science and technology in progress, the modern automobile field has many new terms appear, the old chicken son face now such as EBD, multi-point jet, chassis lifting these

The car is a parking product, after entering China for a long time the parts of the automobile parts are used in the name and is transliteration-in Chinese language to read foreign voices, rather than as now with free translation. For example, the engine (Hankou), motor, May;

Repair workers in order to call up convenient, in the use of these foreign names, according to the shape of the accessories named some Chinese soil names, such as the brake drum called ' melon ', the steering arm called ' claw ', the differential is called ' pig old Shell '. You will hear in the car company repair workshop, the ' Pig old shell ' tow grams (go) to clean, the ' melon ' (GO) the light (the muzzle brake drum), to make the film (brake pads) for it, the ' Versailles ' mill (grinding valve). It is not the basic of the line to understand, we have just entered the 50 after the entry is not understood. We had a good relationship with the Soviet Big Brother in that time, most of them were Russian, Russian, and they did not learn the professional terms of auto parts, and know that the auto parts are in English.

Later, the time has long, the ears, do not understand English also learn the name of the teacher followed.

Wuhan Bus Company is an old enterprise, now auto parts have a standard name, but in the bus company, especially maintenance workshop, because of a generation of inheritance, or is accustomed to name and soil name and now the standard names mixed, this is a corporate culture bar.

Motor--motor starter, ' motor ' and ' starter ' now these two words are used in society, but in the automotive industry is still called ' motor '. Card (just) machine--exchang generator, the word now only to engage in this line to understand, the community has not been popular.

In the car company, the generator does not generate electricity called ' card machine not card ', not to engage in this line of the fundamental can not understand.

Dug--washer washer.

The--clutch clutch, ' Put the crass down ', is now seldom used in the industry.

Harvard--HALLF a semicircle clamp or washer.

Can--coil ignition coil

Engine (machine)--engine engine

To make the chip--brakelining brake Pads

Pig Old Shell Truck

Valve Valves in Versailles Melon! is the brake drum a bit like an open watermelon?

Chamber brake Drum industry is called ' light melon '--the car has a wear and tear, affecting the braking performance so to ' light '

In fact, the horn, pig skull, brake melon, tooth bag this term is not only affected by the former Soviet Union, but also from the bottom of our own cultural level, recognize something in accordance with the shape of the blind shout, when the knowledge of a limited time also remember, very image. Probably in the 80 's before and the car hooked people are very popular, not to mention the 50 's? At that time, the repairman is basically from the Apprentice, followed by the master while learning, master how to call the Apprentice.

I was the first time in 88 to see the Dongfeng Company (formerly two cars) published car textbooks, only know that there are steering arm, differential, brake drum, transmission of the term.