Owners in daily life can pay attention to the maintenance of spark plugs, broken in time to replace Oh! Auto Parts | ' The hardest hit of fakes ' | You know?

By attribute, cars can be classified into special categories, because cars and safety are closely connected.

So the quality of the car parts is particularly important, but in real life many of us have spent a lot of money but sold to inferior products experience. Auto Parts Market is a mixed bag, in addition to brand products, a variety of small brands are also flooded, there are all kinds of unscrupulous businessmen of various inferior accessories products.

The following is to share with you focus is particularly easy ' take the fake ' accessories, buy must open big eyes to see clearly!

Glass water The first is to shake, take out than to rob a red envelope fast hand to shake, see pancake bubble how much. The richer the foam of the glass water, the stronger the stain removal ability.

At the same time, high-quality glass water contained in the rubber wiper lubrication corrosion inhibition formula, so, the liquid is thicker, can be inverted glass bottles of water, observe the rise to bubbles, bubbles rise slowly, indicating that the liquid viscous, then the rubber wiper lubrication is better. Most inferior glass water is added with alcohol, there will be sediment, chromatic aberration, stale and other conditions. Moreover, drinking friends know that alcohol is not easy to slip on the glass will be sticky drip! Like the following, there is a hanging wall phenomenon.

High-quality glass water will not appear after the fog, so that the glass to look clear and transparent.

Oil filter Good oil filter Inside the paper good number of layers. Experienced can be used to test the weight of the method.

In general, inferior movements generally must conform to one or more of the following characteristics.

1) filter surface font printing blurred or not clear enough, font printing paint surface inferior, thinner.

2) without a bypass valve, the engine will not be able to obtain sufficient oil lubrication once the filter has been blocked. 3) After the shutdown does not suppress the oil reflux function, the cold start engine wear will be greater.

All plant filters have a complex rejection reflow design to ensure that the machine filter contains the necessary oil for the next start-up, reducing wear during cold start.

4) Gasket Sealing material is poor, high temperature and high pressure may cause oil leakage, and even lead to fire.

5) filter material is different, difficult to play a predetermined filter effect.

6) The metal through the oil network workmanship rough, it is difficult to ensure that the amount of abundant oil.

Spark plug Spark plugs are better distinguishable and can be distinguished by the naked eye. High-quality spark plug thread smooth, ceramic insulator on the font clear, with the hand shaking the top nut, under normal circumstances will not be loose phenomenon occurs. And then the ignition test, by looking at the spark color and size discrimination. The spark is much better than the small.

The spark plugs from the poor to the good color is: red, red yellow, blue, blue white, bright white. Although the spark plug is small, its function is not small.