Reading: KPI doubled next month! Time is too short to be enough for me to do one thing | KPI will be doubled next month! Time is too short for me to do something

As one of the modern company evaluation statistics, one of the management methods for motivating employees is to set, sample, calculate and analyze the key performance indicators (ie KPI, Key Performance Indicator) of the internal process input and output parameters. It has gradually become the basis for performance management of major companies today.

A few years ago, the company where Lao A was also implemented this management method. At first, the old A as the supervisor was very happy. After all, he had a relatively more efficient and reasonable management method. His work still became A lot of rules.

However, with the rapid development of the company, the KPI assessment standards formulated by the senior management are also rising. In order to maintain the enthusiasm of employees, the office computer that has been updated and replaced once is not enough. It has previously reflected the performance problems of the computer to the old A. The employee G, the resignation letter also appeared on his desk, which made the old A secretly complain.

Dear Boss, I know that you are a good leader. The problem of affecting work efficiency and team harmony has once again become our daily focus because of the computer jam. 'Little G’s resignation letter says, 'We are inside Contradiction, always makes you embarrassed is not very good, or else, I will go.

As the head of the company, the old A had been through the small G because of overtime and project cycle problems. However, he also knew at the time that it was not the fault of the small G. The core of the enterprise lies in creating value and the central idea of ​​creating value. It should be to improve efficiency rather than prolong the working time - as the supervisor himself, it is because of this. Xiao G as his own competent, the attitude of work has not been said, output efficiency and quality It is also very high. However, as the days go by, the time is wasted on Caton, and the situation of collapse has gradually smoothed the enthusiasm of Xiao G’s work, time and time again.

For the old A himself, the increasing maintenance cost also makes him very distressed. Overtime work not only consumes the employee's personal time, but also increases the company's operating costs - additional water and electricity consumption, employee overtime pay, It is a expenditure that should not occur. Moreover, it is not the situation of the company that the old A can endure if it invests a lot of financial resources to maintain the business operation of the company.

High costs are not in exchange for high returns, and high turnover of employees must not happen again – it is time to upgrade employee productivity tools.

' But in addition to regular updates, what upgrades can be made? 'Old A is in meditation.

When the employees went overtime to go home and leave, the old A called the little G and asked him if he would like to learn about the upgrade of the computer hardware with himself. The clever little G immediately understood the meaning of the old A. , readily agreed.

Late at night, there are only a few lights in the entire lower city dotted with the dark night sky of the city. Among them, the old A and the small G are looking for a computer upgrade solution.

Open the search engine, the old A knocked a line of words.

What is arrogant?

Intel® AustinTM Memory is a complete system acceleration solution that delivers higher performance without sacrificing storage capacity through Intel® ProtoTonicTM technology based on 3D XPoint and Intel Rapid Storage Technology drivers Performance and Responsiveness - In a nutshell, AoTeng memory is a cache device that can be used to speed up hard drives based on 3D XPointTM technology.

So it's more like a flash-accelerated disk, which is more apt to call it a bit more arrogant--from the perspective of storage media and product form, arrogant memory is also very different from traditional memory, and in appearance and small capacity M.2 SSD is somewhat similar.

With Aurora, you can experience faster boot speeds, faster soft-start loads, and more in a series of speed improvements—in short, VR is a way to get a solid-state drive experience with a mechanical hard drive. It not only satisfies the user's requirements for hard disk capacity, but also greatly increases the reading speed.

On a computer equipped with arrogant memory, the reading and writing data measured by CrystalDiskMark is also very different when the acceleration is turned on and off.

Not to mention its super high cost performance - with a 1TB high-capacity mechanical hard drive + AoTeng accelerator (more than 500 yuan), you can enjoy the experience of 1TB SSD solid state drive (about 2500 yuan) - for For enterprises, this is obviously very important.


'I think this works, 'Little G said, 'What kind of computer to buy?'

'Hey! Are you kidding your boss? 'Old A smiles heartily,' In fact, considering your guys who don’t worry, I have already found an optional computer, etc. Look! '

'Hmm, boss, then I won’t leave!' Xiao G said happily.

A month later, Old A gave the department's new and old colleagues a new Lenovo idea centre 510 and Lenovo idea centre 720. Both computers have technical support for arrogant memory and have strong performance, new and old employees. Also very happy.

The old A's efforts are also immediate. In the following month, his department is doing things with less effort, KPI performance continues to rise, creating far more value for the company, and getting the same from the leaders. Certainly - at the annual commendation meeting, the old A stood alone on the podium, very proud.