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Pennefather's VT series is a series set by Lei Bai for the purpose of e-sports. The products under the series have good configuration and very comfortable feel. In addition, in the face of the wireless process of peripheral products, Lei Bai also In the active promotion of VT series wireless, even the current wireless products can achieve the same 1ms delay as wireless peripherals. And now the new VT350 mouse will have a radio mouse to the price of 299 yuan.

Packaging accessories overview

The Pennefather VT350 outer packaging still uses a family-style blue and black package, the front is a hard photo of the VT350, and the surrounding is the mouse parameters and product features.

The internal accessories are basically the same as this series of wireless mouse. It provides a Micro USB interface charging/data cable, interface gold-plated anti-oxidation treatment, higher plug-in times and more stable data transmission. Mouse wireless communication uses 2.4G wireless Technology, equipped with a Nano receiver. In addition, the equipped wireless receiver extension module is highly practical for dual-mode mouse, and can easily be used for wired/wireless state switching on the desktop.

Appearance & Details

The VT350 is a typical right-handed mouse. The whole mouse is left high and low right. Compared with the same series of VT300 and VT900, the size of the reference VT300 is reduced. The size of the reference VT300 is 130mm×74.8mm×41.3mm, and the size of the VT350. It is about 126.9mmx67.9mmx42.3mm.

Leibai VT350 dual-mode gaming mouse 9-key layout, a total of 4 left button, 2 of which are located on the left side of the button, the thumb is two. Compared to VT300 and VT900, VT350 left significantly narrowed, thumb finger rest Zoom out, the two small buttons on the left button side are also zoomed out, and the right line does not change much.

In terms of lighting, there are three function status indicators in the middle of the VT350. The light bar has different display modes, indicating that the DPI gears are different. The mouse shell material is mixed with black mirror plaque embellishment. Only the tail mark backlight element is reserved. The extension of the wireless receiver There are also blue indicators on the expansion interface.

And on the details of the mouse, the left and right sides The side skirts are made of a double-material injection molding process, which is seamless and durable compared to traditional rubber side skirts. In combination with the outer surface of the cover, the feel is between the matte and the skin type, it is not easy to leave fingerprints, sweat stains, and it is called delicate. The sides of the roller are sealed, and the metal silver gray texture is good.

The bottom is equipped with a disc magnetic counterweight module, which is convenient for installation and disassembly. However, because it is close to the tail and the weight module has a weight of 10g, plus the internal battery, the mouse is installed by default. The overall center of gravity will be slightly offset to the tail, which has a certain impact on the lifting mouse operation.

And there is a detail here, there are two PCB board metal electric shock exposed in the position of the mouse weight block, guessing is very likely, Leibai will realize the wireless charging of the mouse by replacing the weight block fittings with the wireless charging module.

Getting started experience

The overall weight of the mouse is as high as 136g (including counterweight), even after removing the weight, it is as high as 120g+, which is already a heavy mouse, so look at this mouse's small partner to pay attention to this point.

The Pennefather VT350 gaming mouse is equipped with an entry-level performance PMW3325 optical sensor, but the internal configuration such as 2.4G wireless solution (from Texas Instruments, can achieve 1ms response), main control module, RGB lighting system, battery capacity, with Heavy modules, double-material injection anti-skid side skirts and other elements are consistent with the flagship VT950. Overall performance even in many mouse is also a good gaming mouse.

The rapper VT350 gaming mouse right hand ergonomic mouse type has not changed too much, but because of the large size reduction, the original large mouse body type directly reduced to the small and medium hand type users more pleasing mouse type. The height size has not changed greatly, Small hand users may have a slight top hand condition. Among them, the combination of non-slip side keys and sun-drying top cover, the touch performance is quite excellent, warm and comfortable. The buttons are also relatively crisp.

Maintain 1000Hz feedback consistently in both wireless and wired environments.

The LOGO part of the mouse is designed for colorful backlights. It can customize the color and display mode. The driver's support for macros is also very comprehensive. The whole debugging process is also very easy and easy to get started. You can also register your own account, and then the driver supports cloud synchronization configuration. Where to go, where can the settings be synchronized.

PConline summary

For the sake of wireless battery life, the Pennefather VT350 gaming mouse only retains the tail LOGO lamp, and the light automatically turns off during sleep. The Pennefather VT350 gaming mouse is equipped with an entry-level performance PMW3325 optical sensor, but the internal configuration is 2.4G wireless. The solution (from Texas Instruments' solution, can reach 1ms response), main control module, RGB lighting system, battery capacity, counterweight module, double material injection anti-skid side skirt and other elements are consistent with the flagship VT950. Manufacturing standards are higher, overall Performance is a good game mouse even in many mice. However, the VT350 is slightly biased and the size is reduced. It is aimed at different user group positioning, and the small and medium hand has a more fitting experience. In the use scenario, the power consumption of PMW3325 is much lower than that of PMW3389, and the battery life is 1-2 days longer than VT950.

At the same time, from the current total indications, it is very likely that Leibo will start to make its own wireless charging mouse. Ten years ago, Leibo was the pioneer of wireless keyboard and mouse promotion. Now, if it involves wireless charging mouse, it is not may.