Look at Huari's | 'Crusaders' | Refrigerator

Nowadays, the popular form of products in the market, colorful, to make your life better, you must also learn a little ability to identify products. Now it is summer, fresh ice must use the refrigerator. The refrigerator has been from 30 Years ago, high-end durable consumer goods became a must-have for households. It has a closer relationship with people's lives. The number of households in refrigerators has exceeded 100%. Many families have started to purchase second and even third refrigerators. Some families have begun to replace more than 400 liters of multi-door refrigerators, which has become a trend of consumption. In 2017, the total number of refrigerator sales decreased by nearly 3 points, but sales increased by about 6%. The average unit price rises very quickly, and the above two trends are the most direct reasons.

Here I would like to recommend to you the refrigerator BCD-461WDEH refrigerator 'Cross Army' produced by Hangzhou Huari Household Appliance Co., Ltd., which specializes in producing refrigerators for 35 years. It is said that its cutting-edge is first of all new style (simplified atmosphere), new material New technology and new configuration. Needless to say, we only need to know in the market, we can know more than one. As for the material, Xinhua Ri is non-toxic and harmless in the whole process of production in the factory. The liner material is food grade. The door is the latest color crystal glass, technically it uses the latest SP preservation technology, double frequency conversion energy-saving technology. The whole refrigerator adopts intelligent control, partition preservation, which is well adapted to the new demand of high-end people for quality life. .

The biggest highlight of this Huari BCD-461WDEH refrigerator is the cross four doors, the partition preservation, each zone has different temperature zone positioning and preservation objects, which can achieve accurate preservation. It has laid a technology for a higher level of intelligent preservation in the future. Basic. There are many cross refrigerators on the market, but the Japanese Japanese 'Crusade' refrigerator, the most technically updated. Dear, gentlemen, may wish to take a look.